Premier Systems Engineering Workshop

Committees and Working Groups Meetings

At the virtual IW2021, Working Groups have the opportunity to schedule general meeting between Monday 25 January 2021 and Friday 5 February 2021.
Meetings scheduled between these dates will be listed in the event program on the virtual platform. Please submit your meeting request.

New this year: Introducing Interactive Workshops at the IW2021.

In addition to holding a working group general meeting, you also have the opportunity and are encouraged to conduct an interactive workshop. Interactive Workshops will be scheduled January 29 to 30, 2021.

What is an interactive workshop?

  • Less than 2 hours long
  • Includes small group breakouts (<5 people each breakout) to discuss and return with outcomes during the workshop
  • Has short mini-presentations during the session to maintain interest
  • Interactive with attendees and not a one-way presentation
  • Typically requires more than one Working Group / area / team to be successful
  • Should be focused on a key outcome or decision at the end of the session (advance a product, create something new, broaden knowledge, make an operational or strategic decision, etc.)

To submit a meeting request for a Working Group general meeting or an Interactive Workshop, please use the on line form.

NOTE: meeting time slots are not available during plenary sessions and other common sessions.