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A better world through a systems approach

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Welcome INCOSE Members! 

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New Member Welcome Center Cafe:

A Monthly Program

A new focus area every month



This month's New Member Welcome Center Cafe features two presentations that build the profession of systems engineering. First, we take a look at a new INCOSE-created product: a digital model of the contents of the INCOSE Handbook. See how the information is modeled and how the model makes the Handbook easier to use.


Next, we look at series of stores created by an INCOSE working group to illustrate the value of systems engineering. Come hear how to tell stories that can expand the use of systems engineering in your organization.


Register now for one or more of these sessions, or click the images below:


May 31, 2023 09:00 AM Mumbai, REGISTER

(11:30PM Tue May 30, US Eastern time)


May 31, 2023 03:30 PM US Pacific Time REGISTER


Jun 1, 2023 04:30 PM London REGISTER

(11:30 AM US Eastern time)

As always, we'll start out with an overview of INCOSE's key programs, services, and opportunities, and then hear from our guest speakers on MBSE and Digital Engineering.


INCOSE board members, leaders and guides will be available to answer any questions you have about anything in INCOSE.

Welcome to INCOSE!

Welcome! The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is a not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1990 to develop and spread the interdisciplinary principles and practices that enable successful systems. We have grown to more than 19,000 members meeting in over 65 local chapters in over 75 countries which translates to boundless opportunities to network, learn and have fun.

As members we represent a broad spectrum – from student to senior practitioner, from technical engineer to program and corporate management, from science and engineering to business development. We work together to advance our technical knowledge, exchange ideas with colleagues, and collaborate to advance systems engineering. There are many exciting challenges ahead and we are glad you are joining us!

Below is an overview of INCOSE – our organization, available resources and opportunities for involvement. Use the links provided to learn more.

For new member questions and inquiries, contact us at

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New Member Welcome Center Cafe

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INCOSE Overall Organization, Simplified
Volunteer Leadership

INCOSE Organisation

Learn more about INCOSE’s organization

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INCOSE Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives

To address complex societal and technical challenges by enabling, promoting, and advancing Systems Engineering and systems approaches.

A better world through a systems approach.

• Be a focal point for dissemination of systems engineering knowledge
• Promote international collaboration
• Assure the establishment of professional standards in systems engineering
• Improve the professional status of all SEs
• Encourage governmental and industrial support for SE

Learn more about INCOSE’s guiding principles and objectives

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Engage with other INCOSE members and the systems engineering community
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Learning and Development



SE Handbook & fundamentals * (for members only)

Monthly Technical Topics

* Members can access the INCOSE Connect Member Area using the login and password credentials created when joining.

A Guided Tour of INCOSE's Technical Resources

by Don Boyer


A common question is where to find Systems Engineering technical resources. There are many sources, and they are in various places. The Enhanced Search feature on will find many of these. Below is a partial listing of various repositories that are available, particularly those related to INCOSE. (Many individuals, companies, engineering societies, and governments have also contributed to the SE literature.)


Document Technical Resources


  • SEBoK – short for Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge and is structured as a wiki and is one of the most comprehensive sources of SE Knowledge. The SEBoK provides a guide to the key knowledge sources and references of systems engineering organized and explained to assist a wide variety of individuals. It is a living product, accepting community input continuously, with regular refreshes and updates. The SEBoK is a not compendium but instead references existing literature and much of the content has restricted intellectual property rights. It has its own website and consists of 8 knowledge areas. A Table of Contents in the left column will help guide you, and there is a search function to locate a particular topic within the SEBoK.
  • Part 1 has Introductions to the SEBoK, Systems Engineering, SE Transformation, Digital Engineering, Set Based Design and SEBoK Users and Uses.
  • Part 2: Foundations of Systems Engineering
  • Part 3: SE and Management
  • Part 4: Applications of Systems Engineering
  • Part 5: Enabling System Engineering
  • Part 6: Related Disciplines
  • Part 7: SE Implementation Examples
  • Part 8: Emerging Knowledge



INCOSE SE Handbook –  A Guide for System Life Cycle Processes and Activities

  • The source of all questions on the SE certification exam 
  • For the new systems engineer
  • For the engineer in another discipline who needs to perform systems engineering 
  • For the experienced systems engineer who needs a convenient reference

The INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook shows what each systems engineering process activity entails in the context of designing for affordability and performance. On some projects, a given activity may be performed very informally (e.g., on the back of an envelope, or in an engineer’s notebook); or, on other projects, a more formal response is needed with interim products under formal configuration control. This book provides tools that lead to project success in various circumstances.

A softcopy download is free for members from the INCOSE Store. A hardcopy is also available for purchase in the INCOSE Store.


INSIGHT Magazine – A Practitioners’ Magazine published four times per year by Wiley.  Each issue features theme sections dedicated to providing informative articles on the state of the art and practice in systems engineering. It also contains status and information about INCOSE's technical work programs, and events, editorials, book reviews, trends, and how-to-do articles that are pertinent to the many aspects of a systems engineer's job.

At Wiley Online Library free downloads are available for members and lists of the Most Recent, Most Cited, and Most Read Insight articles are shown. A hard copy of INSIGHT is available via a paid subscription.


Systems Engineering Journal –  Systems Engineering is an international scholarly journal and a primary source of multidisciplinary information for the systems engineering and management of products and services, and processes of all types. Free downloads of papers are available for members and lists of the Most Recent, Most Cited, and Most Read articles are shown.

Members can purchase a hardcopy subscription.


INCOSE Products and Publications – If you don’t know exactly what you want, you can search, or scroll through a listing of the store’s contents. Most are free to members; you select desired products and then checkout at a zero cost.


Vision 2035 –  The vision 2035 intended to inspire and guide the strategic direction of systems engineering for the global systems community.  It includes a global context, current and future states of systems engineering as well as realizing the vision (see also FuSE).  A full color pdf download and Executive Summary is available as well as an interactive website.


Future of Systems Engineering (FuSE) - FuSE refines and evolves the SE Vision 2035 across competencies, research, tools & environment, practices, and applications. It also identifies critical gaps towards the vision realization and initiates & supports relevant actions. There are also FuSE Mini-Events. They also have a FuSE Yammer community.


Papers from Symposia –  The Papers & Presentations Library webpage is a search engine for presentations from iNCOSE conferences. You can search on Keywords, Years, and/or Events. You can also filter for Best Papers.  Papers and Presentations, as available, are listed for download by members once logged in. 


Working Groups Artifacts – Working Group unreleased and in process artifacts are available on the iNet (intranet) or Yammer site of each Working Group.  Search for topics of interest.  ??


Professional Development Portal (PDP) – The PDP provides a means to self-assess your competencies and identify corresponding resources for professional development, such as videos, webinars, papers, books, and instructional courses. It also allows browsing the content catalog by topic and provides users “personal bookshelf space” for notes and links to resources of interest. The PDP is a work in progress so check periodically for updated content.


Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) – INCOSE started a MBSE Initiative in 2007 to replace document-oriented practices with models throughout a product’s life cycle. The MBSE’s initiative website has further details including a link to the MBSE Wiki, MBSE Lightning Rounds (short TED talk type videos), links to SysML language standards and a SE Tools Database.  Another general source is the Object Management Group website which contains the MBSE Wiki with an overview, related Working Group links, and MBSE events and related meetings with presented papers that can be downloaded from the site.


Application Domains Resources – There are currently nine Working Groups dedicated to specific Application Domains listed here.  You can search on domains of interest for their public websites, iNet sites, and Yammer sites for more information about related technical resources.




Video Technical Resources


WebinarsTechnical webinars have been presented by INCOSE for many years. Recordings are available back to 2009. These include over 160 presented by experts as part of a series by Technical Operations. In addition, there are webinars presented on a wide range of topic by chapters.  The listing is chronologically with the most recent first. Use the Search function to find webinars on a particular topic. Webinars are being relocated as part of the website reorganization, so use the search function to help.


MBSE Lightning RoundsAt the International Workshop there is a part dedicated to Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). As part of those presentations and discussions are MBSE Lightning Rounds: series of TED-like 18-minute talks to "inspire MBSE" available on the YouTube INCOSE channel.


Event Keynotes  - Keynotes at the International Symposium (IS) and other events have some fascinating topics by acclaimed speakers. These can be found on the INCOSE YouTube channel. Use the search function for keynotes or a particular IS. 


Live/Virtual EventsThe INCOSE International Workshop and International Symposium, along with many regional and chapter events have extensive technical presentations that are available by in person attendance or virtually. Consult the INCOSE Events page for upcoming events. See the INCOSE Events Page

Mini Events – Special virtual presentations on technical topics such as Systems of Systems (SoSE), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Future of Systems Engineering (FuSE).


Calling All SystemsA new series of panel discussions about technical topics such as AI and Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).


Professional Development Portal (PDP)It is anticipated that more video technical content will be added over time so check periodically for content of interest.

Your Feedback Requested -  Was this overview of available technical resources helpful or could it use additional work?  Please email with your comments and suggestions. Thank you!


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