Premier Systems Engineering Workshop

What is the International Workshop?

INCOSE's International Workshop is the event of the year for systems engineers to contribute to the state of the art. Unlike INCOSE's annual International Symposium and other conferences, there are no paper, panel or tutorial presentations. Instead, attendees spend 4 days working alongside fellow systems engineers who are there to make a difference. Systems Engineers at all levels and from all backgrounds are encouraged to engage in working sessions, and contribute their knowledge and experience to take the discipline forward.

IW2023 facilitates a moment and a place where attendees shall build networks, perform activities, and produce outcomes beyond their typical network and focus area.  Accomplishing these goals is greatly enabled by in person attendance, with virtual participation offered for selected sessions. Hybrid sessions will strive to include virtual attendees as much as possible, yet individual experiences will vary.

Sessions are encouraged to inclusively engage multiple working groups, diverse practitioners, and multiple competency levels as they complete meeting outcomes, satisfying the session's purpose. Attendees should experience a different yet complementary experience to regular working group meetings throughout the year.

IW2023 is focused upon:

  • Future of Systems Engineering (FuSE)
    • Hybrid keynote by Dr. Olivier De Weck
    • In-person and open working sessions on Vision & Roadmap, Foundations, Methodology, and Application Extension.
    • Virtual sessions will be held after IW to continue this important effort.
  • Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
    • Hybrid keynote by Dr. Nancy Leveson
    • A full day of critical MBSE updates (SysML v2, MBSE standards, liaisons, …)
    • Hybrid workshops on AI/Machine Learning and System Safety
  • Multi-working group sessions, mobilizing participants from different horizons. For example:
    • An afternoon hybrid session with all Application domain Working Groups reflecting upon the morning FuSE workshop session.
    • Smart Cities Initiative who collaborate with MBSE, Architecture, Social Systems, CIPR, System of Systems, Infrastructure, Transportation, and local chapter working groups to progress their efforts.
  • Outreach sessions, raising awareness beyond each group to increase engagement including:
    • INCOSE Service Operations and how partnering with Services contributes to INCOSE products, Working Group effectiveness, and systems engineering.
    • The Social Systems working group reaching out to domains beyond traditional systems engineering areas.

Planned sessions will be published on the website as these become available and scheduled via the meeting request tool.

The International Workshop 2023 will be held as a hybrid event allowing for in person and virtual participation, subject to session hosts. Hybrid sessions will strive to include virtual attendees as much as possible, yet individual experiences will vary.

IW2023 is open to INCOSE members, and non-members are encouraged to join INCOSE prior to the IW. For more information about membership, please visit or email [email protected].