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A better world through a systems approach

INCOSE Professional Development Portal

To better serve our existing members and drive new interest among other professionals who want to enhance their systems engineering skills, we are developing a Professional Development Portal.  This Portal will put the rich resources of INCOSE at our members’ fingertips.

The Portal, a comprehensive solution for career development for Systems Engineers with easy shortcuts for those with a more focused need, will provide access to:

  • Competency Framework/Self-Assessment for users to obtain a sense of their areas of proficiency and areas for improvement.
  • Quick references to Certification, Events, Working Groups, Mentoring, the Institute for Technical Leadership and other INCOSE offerings.
  • Training and Education provided by INCOSE and selected partners.

INCOSE is recognized as the world’s leader for enabling Systems Engineering professionals to grow in their profession. This portal will continue to expand these areas for practicing systems engineers. When the portal becomes initially operational, it will provide access to a self-assessment tool, selected content on Software and Systems Engineering, information about INCOSE membership, information about the Institute for Technical Leadership, and links to the Worldwide Directory of Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering Programs and the Empowering Women as Leaders in Systems Engineering (EWLSE) initiative.


For more information, please contact