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What is INCOSE?

INCOSE is the International Council on Systems Engineering. Information about the history of the organization, its mission and objectives can be found on the website at www.incose.org.

What is INCOSE Symposium?

The INCOSE symposium has a rich history that dates back to 1990, and has continued uninterrupted every year to the present. The symposium continues to be the largest annual gathering of systems engineering professionals, educators and researchers.

When and where is the symposium this year?

IS 2016 is taking place in Edinburgh, Scotland from July 18 – 21.

Who can attend the symposium?

The symposium is an open event and everyone who registers and pays their registration fees is welcome to attend. Attendance includes access to the technical sessions, the exhibition area and food and beverage for the day. Access to some special events, such as tutorials and tours, will require special registration.
Although early registration is encouraged, it is possible to register on-site, but some limited-availability options, such as the banquet, may be closed. Participants are encouraged to bring their family members, but special conditions may apply regarding access to the event. Extra guest tickets are available for some sessions on a first-come, first-served basis.

Is there a theme for IS2016?

INCOSE began to brand the International Symposium since 2010 under the specially designed INCOSE International Symposium logo. The IS2016 theme as posted on the web site: Achieving excellence through Systems Engineering.

How much does symposium registration cost?

Registration options for the symposium include a full registration, which covers all four days, unlimited access to plenary and technical presentations, food and beverage for lunch and pauses, access to the exhibitors’ hall and all activities scheduled therein, and registration materials including the proceedings. Conference banquet, tutorials and external tours, and guest tickets are available for sale when you register.
Registration for a single day or a two-day entrance are also provided with the same provisions for the days specified. Attendance for three days is treated as a full registration.
INCOSE members (as of 31st December 2015), new INCOSE members, and members of affiliated organizations are eligible for discounts on the basic technical program registration fees. These discounts do not apply to other activities such as tutorials, tours, receptions or the banquet.
Questions about registration should be directed to [email protected]

When can I register?

Registration will open in April. The early discount period generally extends until 40 days before the event begins. Online registration closes 3 working days prior to the start of the event. On-site registration is also accepted.

Where can I stay?

A number of rooms have been pre-reserved at negotiated rate in several Edinburgh hotels. On line booking will open soon.

I am a presenter; do I have to pay to attend the symposium?

Unless special arrangements are stipulated, all presenters shall pay the required fees to attend the symposium, at the minimum for the day of their presentation(s). Failure to register before the specified deadline may result in removal of the paper or panel from the final published proceedings and forfeiture of your place in the technical program.

May I photograph or video record sessions?

The nature of the INCOSE agreement with presenters precludes photography or video recording of any session without prior written permission from INCOSE. Volunteers have been appointed who capture the event for archival purposes. These photographs are generally made available on the public website shortly after the conclusion of the event.

What is the difference between an open and closed meeting at the IS?

INCOSE values transparency in all its actions and activities. An open meeting is one in which you can just drop in and start contributing to the work of the participants - in true workshop style. Closed meetings are those with a focused agenda and an audience qualified to address the agenda. In many cases, you can reach out to the chair of a meeting in advance - either to join the group or to observe. In some cases, it may be inappropriate; for example, the CAB is for corporate members; the CAG is the advisory group for Certification discussing sensitive topics where the meeting must be closed to protect the integrity of the process and the certification.

What is the black square that appears on my badge this year?

This year all badges will contain a QR Code.
Definition: A QR Code (quick response code) is a type of 2D bar code that is used to provide easy access to information through a smartphone or tablet.
This year the organisation team will use the Back QR Code to control the access to the conference. If someone from the organization team requests to see your QR Code badge, please help them by showing your badge.
As an added feature, the Front QR Code may also be used as a way to quickly and easily share your contact information with our exhibitors. Your QR Code includes your name, job title, company, state and country and the email address that you entered during the registration process. You also may share your contact information with others, but at no time are you obliged to do so.

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