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INCOSE Mentoring Service

INCOSE members benefit greatly from experienced systems engineering professionals who are also INCOSE members. Since there is a need for systems engineers that can take leadership positions at all levels and in all domains, INCOSE is offering a Mentoring Service to INCOSE members who wish to participate as a mentors or mentees. INCOSE’s Mentoring Service starts with the pairing of experienced engineers with engineers who desire guidance in their career. That guidance could be technical, advice on advancement or navigating in an organization, or help navigating INCOSE. INCOSE Mentoring Service facilitates the pairing between mentors and mentees by taking information from INCOSE members interested in mentoring and those seeking a mentor. Once that information is collected, the mentees have the opportunity to select a mentor from INCOSE members that have volunteered to be mentors.

Mentors: Help build the future of systems engineering

Mentees: Help secure the future of systems engineering

*This service is only available to INCOSE members, CAB Associates & Non-Member must join to participate*

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