Meeting Space for Committees & Working Groups

If your working group or committee will be meeting at the IS2023, be sure to fill out and submit the Request for Meeting Space Form early as space is assigned on a first-come, first served basis.

NOTE: Meeting space will not be available during plenary sessions.

As meeting rooms are limited, all requesters are asked to request only the time needed. Should the meeting end early, please notify the registration desk that the room is available for reassignment. During the symposium, any meeting room observed as unoccupied for 15 minutes or more (in non-break periods), may be reassigned to an on-site requestor without additional notice.

Please note:

  • WG and Committee meetings Monday through Thursday can be booked on a first-come, first-served basis in two-hour blocks (that align with the overall symposium structure taking into account plenaries and breaks).
  • Only one meeting block per WG and Committee can be booked Monday through Thursday (i.e. one 2-hour block during the 4 days).
  • Please be careful in your assignment of open/closed meetings. Closed meetings are those with a pre-specified audience with a meeting agenda that is not suitable for general participation, such as Ways & Means, or CAB meetings.

The above restrictions apply to make the best use of the venue, and in order to increase the emphasis on the Monday through Thursday symposium as well as give everyone an equal opportunity to participate in papers, panels, exhibitors, and the invaluable exchanges that take place during the symposium.

Send a request for meeting space