System Applications for Global Challenges


Technical program

Submission information

A.1 Paper Preparation GuidelinesDOC112.50 KB21 Aug, 2018 Download
A.1.1 Paper Template (A4)DOC173.50 KB21 Aug, 2018 Download
A.1.2 Paper Template (Letter)DOC173.50 KB21 Aug, 2018 Download
Harvard_brief_guide_ver_13_February_2018PDF595.68 KB06 Nov, 2018 Download
A.2 Panel-Roundtable-Debate Preparation GuidelinesDOC101.50 KB04 Sep, 2018 Download
A.3 Tutorial Preparation GuidelinesDOC99.50 KB21 Aug, 2018 Download
A.4 Preparation Guidelines for PresentationsDOC90.00 KB21 Aug, 2018 Download
B.1 Submission Review CategoriesPDF839.18 KB21 Aug, 2018 Download
B.3 IP Release FormPDF750.39 KB21 Aug, 2018 Download
B.4 Tutorial Instructor AgreementPDF840.43 KB03 Sep, 2018 Download
D.1 Guidelines for Speakers and Session ChairsDOC122.00 KB03 May, 2019 Download

Evaluation criteria

C.0 EasyChair Instructions for ReviewersPDF1.16 MB09 Oct, 2018 Download
C.1 Paper Evaluation CriteriaPDF826.29 KB01 Oct, 2018 Download
C.2 Panel-Roundtable-Debate Evaluation CriteriaPDF822.57 KB01 Oct, 2018 Download
C.3 Tutorial Evaluation CriteriaPDF818.74 KB01 Oct, 2018 Download
C.4 Presentation Evaluation CriteriaPDF797.78 KB01 Oct, 2018 Download


IS2019 PostcardPDF487.92 KB12 Jun, 2018 Download
IS2019-bannerJPG101.11 KB14 Jun, 2018 Download
logo-IS2019-horizontalPNG180.07 KB14 Jun, 2018 Download
is2019-call-for-submissionsPDF773.73 KB03 Sep, 2018 Download
Preliminary Technical Program 2019 FlyerPDF172.12 KB15 Mar, 2019 Download


IS2019 Program updatePDF148.77 KB17 Apr, 2019 Download
IS2019 Book of AbstractPDF1.09 MB15 Mar, 2019 Download
IS2019-BM/WG ListPDF96.69 KB12 Apr, 2019 Download
IS2019 eDirectoryPDF6.81 MB01 Jul, 2019 Download


IS2019 SlidePOTX525.77 KB29 Nov, 2018 Download
IS2019_Poster_template_A0PPTX145.97 KB29 Nov, 2018 Download

Sponsors / Exhibitors

IS2019 Postcard sponsorsPDF186.62 KB12 Jun, 2018 Download
IS2019 Exhibition Floor PlanPDF481.64 KB12 Oct, 2018 Download
IS2019 Postcard ExhibitorsPDF173.30 KB07 May, 2019 Download