Great Results!

Two very enervating, energizing, inspiring workshop days! Fantastic feedback from all the people who participated and contributed in the brainstorming sessions in which information and experience were exchanged and new ideas and results were created! The picture below gives a nice one-page summary of all 20 sessions and keynotes.
As chairman of INCOSE-NL, the Dutch INCOSE chapter, I am more than happy with all achievements and very proud of the organization team who made it happen!
Thanks a lot! Ger Schoeber.

EMEA WS 2019 1-page Summary

Every 2 years INCOSE EMEA organizes a 2-day workshop. Previously these were organized in France and Germany. This year INCOSE-NL was in the lead of putting this event together. It was a sound program with several interviewing-style keynotes and 20 workshop sessions in 5 parallel tracks during 2 days.


Thursday 10 & Friday 11 October 2019


The workshop program was open for everyone interested in system engineering issues.
Both INCOSE members and non-members were welcome to register.
(NOTE: due to overwhelming interest we had to close registration 3 weeks before the start!)

Supported by

Jama Software RijkswaterstaatSE Training


LEF Future Center
Building Westraven Rijkswaterstaat
Griffioenlaan 2
3526 LA Utrecht
The Netherlands
Parking was possible in parking garage P&R Westraven. There is also a bus and tram stop here.

Road constructions works
Due to road constructions, we advised to travel with public transport to LEF Future Center. Coming by car we advised to follow Google maps navigation. You can find more information on road constructions around the Galacopperbrug here (in Dutch).

The LEF experience and method

In LEF Future Center set patterns will be broken. Here you experience new ways of thinking and ideas in a surprising environment with creative programs and smart intervention methods. Get out of your daily environment and experience the future.