Workshop Sessions

In total 20 workshop sessions programmed in 5 parallel tracks:

   Track 1  Track 2  Track 3  Track 4  Track 5
Oct 10 morning  Automotive I
chair: Alain Dauron
Full Vehicle System Architecture: Innovative Standard & Functional modelling"
Architecture I
chair: Alexander Haarer
Hands-on System Architecture Framework (SAF) I
PM-SE Integration
chair: Jean Claude Roussel
Initiatives and tasks in the Project Mgt & Syst Eng integration
chair: Sven Olaf Schulze
Engineering Modelling, Analysis and Simulation
chair: Rüdiger Kaffenberger
Small Business System Engineering
Oct 10 afternoon Automotive II
chair: Yann Chazal
Cooperative and intelligent transportation systems: support of reference architectures
Architecture II
chair: Alexander Haarer
Hands on Systems Architecture Framework (SAF) II
chair: Ian Presland
The New INCOSE SE Competency Framework
Configuration Management
chair: Adriana d’Souza
State of the art and Body of Knowledge in CM
System Thinking
chair: Gary Smith
Integrating system science, thinking and acting
Oct 11 morning Future of Systems Engineering
chair: James Martin
FuSE development plans and the Foundations for SE (F4SE) project
Human System Integration
chair: Guy André Boy
Discussing and Designing an effective HSI description
Reliability Engineering
chair: Albertyn Barnard
Simulation as enabler for Reliability
Product Line Engineering
chair: Guillermo Chalé-Gongora
Engineering a portfolio of related products
System Integration in Rail
chair: Michael Morua
Challenges for system integration in Rail
Oct 11 afternoon Young INCOSE
chair: Michiel Loonen
Sharing and discussing experiences of setting up a workgroup of young System Engineers
Kowledge Based Engineering
chair: Juan Llorens
Application of Knowledge Based Systems for Manufacturing Design and Production
System of Systems
chair: Alan Harding
Challenges of integrating systems into Systems of Systems
chair: John Holt
INCOSE UK MBSE Working Group
Oil & Gas
chair: Jeroen Veen
Requirements Management through the Oil & Gas Value Chain

We also offer a paper-based Exam free of charge, currently scheduled on Oct 10, afternoon.

The 2-day workshop won’t just be passive listening sessions. Session facilitators from LEF Future Center will facilitate work forms in which everyone can contribute actively. Active methods maximize results. (what you read - you will forget; what you hear - you will understand; what you do - you will remember!). In terms of session topics you will be able to choose from typical SE related issues, domain specific topics and a session with our Young INCOSE group, as listed above.

In addition we offer a plenary warming-up workshop for creating visualizations of the session outcomes. As our brain is much better utilized in remembering visualized information! We will have a market place at the end of the seconds day where these visualizations will be exhibited as a nice representation of all creative activities.