Keynote Speakers

  • Gerhard Krinner

    Gerhard Krinner

    Directeur de recherche (senior scientist) - CNRS- IPCC

    Speaking Topic: Some key messages from the 6 th IPCC Synthesis Report

    Biography & Abstract

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  • Cecilia Haskins, ESEP

    Cecilia Haskins, ESEP

    Associate Professor of Systems Engineering, emerita NTNU and USN, Norway

    Speaking Topic: Systems Engineering support for Industry to meet UN SDG

    Biography & Abstract

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  • David Long, ESEP

    David Long, ESEP

    President, Blue Holon
    INCOSE Director for Strategic Integration

    Speaking Topic: Leading for a Sustainable Future

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Gerhard Krinner is a CNRS senior scientist working in Grenoble. Physicist by training, he is a global climate modeler focusing on polar climate, in particular on aspects of past, present and future polar climate change that have global consequences. He has carried out longer research stays in Melbourne, Paris, Potsdam and Victoria (BC), and participated to research expeditions in Antarctica. He has published about 150 peer-reviewed papers on topics such as ice sheet mass balances (which impacts the global sea level), the permafrost carbon feedback (which could potentially amplify future climate change), and seasonal snow cover (which influences the Earth's energy budget). In the past, Gerhard Krinner has led the Climate and Cryosphere core project of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), and has participated to the 5th and 6th assessments of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In the 6th IPCC cycle, he has coordinated a section of the Technical Summary of the report on physical climate changes (published in August 2021), and he is currently coordinating the section on long-term changes of the Synthesis Report, the final product of this report cycle to be published in March 2023.

Cecilia is recently retired and continues in emeritus status with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the University of Southeastern Norway (USN). Her career included over 30 years as a practicing systems engineer and over 20 years educating the next generation of engineers on the importance of systems approaches. She joined INCOSE in 1993 where she held a variety of leadership and other volunteer positions, was recognized as an INCOSE Founder, and continues to be active as a mentor and author. Her educational background includes degrees in chemistry, business, and eventually a PhD for application of systems engineering to sustainable development from NTNU.

David has spent over 30 years helping organizations assess, adopt, and deploy methods to increase their systems engineering proficiency while simultaneously working to advance the state of the art. David founded and led Vitech where he developed innovative, industry-leading methods and software to engineer next-generation systems. He co-authored A Primer for Model-Based Systems Engineering and frequently delivers keynotes and workshops around the world.
An INCOSE Fellow and Expert Systems Engineering Professional, David was the 2014/2015 President of INCOSE. David currently serves as INCOSE’s Director for Strategic Integration and as a coach in INCOSE's Technical Leadership Institute.