Systems Engineering for Earth’s Future

Frequently Asked Questions

Will recordings be available after August 7th?

After August 7, the virtual platform will be closed. However, INCOSE will archive all of the recorded materials. The Board of Directors (BoD) is still determining how to handle these materials going forward. For now, the archive will be maintained and if there is a specific use for a specific recording (e.g. to show to a group of students, to share for a lunch-and-learn), etc., the BoD will review on a case-by-base basis. Note that for IS2020 recordings, no additional use of the materials will occur without permission from the presenter. For questions or to request permission to use a specific recording for a specific purpose, please email [email protected].

Q&A in live sessions

If your question has not been answered live, please go the platform and type your question in the Q&A module of the presentation.

Where can I find all papers that were accepted for the IS2020?

Please log in on the platform and browse the symposium e-proceedings.

When does the IS2020 virtual platfrom close?

The IS2020 virtual event platform will be available until August 7, 2020.

What does the numbering next to each presentation mean?

Each presentation is identified with sequence of 3 numbers. The first number is the session number (x), the second number is the track number (y), the third number is order of presentation in the session (z).
x = session number (3 sessions per day over 3 days numbered 1 to 9)
y = track number (3 tracks per day numbered 1 to 3)
z = order of presentation in the session

Virtual event registration costs rationale

Running virtual events with parallel streams is different from running virtual meetings. We are working hard to ensure that when you attend IS2020, it is clear that you are still at an event, not just another teleconference.
Part of the value of the IS is the value of the material presented in the technical program as well as the keynotes and panels – and the value of this content had not diminished, even though it is being presented virtually.
Similar technical organizations that have switched their events from live to virtual due to the current situation are offering discounts anywhere from 0%-50%. Many are around the 30% mark in comparison to their physical events. We worked hard to create a Virtual IS rate that is more than 40% below the early bird rates for the in-person IS.
There is a misconception that virtual events are free to run. While the costs associated with a virtual event are less than with an in-person event, there are still costs which must be covered.
The benefit of profit from events is that they are reinvested back into the current activities of INCOSE and future initiatives as required for a not-for profit organization. We could not offer our continuing service to our members without doing so. We invest in support to working groups, Standards, tools, web services, membership engagement, events, product development, sponsorship, and STEM programs, just to name a few of these items. Though INCOSE strives to make a small profit on its events, some events are more investments for a specific purpose. For the Virtual IS, the registration rates created were intended to take all of these factors into account.

My paper, panel, or tutorial was accepted for South Africa. Now that the conference is virtual, what do I do?

The Technical Program Committee is working on setting up a new technical program. If you had an accepted paper or panel, please email [email protected] to confirm your willingness to participate in the virtual IS.
If you would prefer to withdraw you paper to submit it to another conference, please let us know as soon as possible at [email protected].
Please note that tutorials will not be presented as part of the technical program. The IS team is exploring other options for tutorials this year. Please contact [email protected] for further information.

If my paper is not accepted for the virtual conference program, will it still be published?

Yes! We are happy to announce that all accepted papers will still be published in the IS2020 proceedings, even if they are not presented virtually. (If you choose to withdraw your paper from the proceedings to be able to submit to another event, it will not be included. Please let us know about this no later than 18 May 2020.)

What is INCOSE?

INCOSE is the International Council on Systems Engineering, visit to learn more about the groups mission, vision, history and current activities.

What is the INCOSE International Symposium (IS)?

The INCOSE IS dates back to 1991 and has been held yearly ever since. The INCOSE International Symposium is the premier and largest annual gathering of systems engineering professionals, educators and researchers.
Previous International Symposiums

When and where is the symposium this year?

IS2020 will be completely virtual, 20 – 22 July 2020.

Which video conferencing tools will be used for the virtual symposium?

INCOSE will use a customized web-based environment for the Virtual IS2020 Symposium providing access to on demand and live sessions. Live sessions will be conducted using Zoom.

Who can attend the symposium?

The symposium is an open event and everyone who registers and pays their registration fees is welcome to attend. Attendance includes access to the technical sessions (presentations, chat with presenters, abstracts and electronic proceedings).

Is there a theme for IS2020?

The IS2020 theme is Systems Engineering for Earth’s Future - Uniting Technology and Grand Challenges through Systems Engineering – a very timely theme. INCOSE began to brand the International Symposium in 2010 under the specially designed INCOSE International Symposium logo.

How much does symposium registration cost?

Registration options for the symposium include a full registration, including three days of access to plenary and technical presentations, and to online proceedings.

INCOSE members receive a discount on their registration fees. For more information visit the registration fees webpage.
Questions about registration should be directed to [email protected].

When can I register?

Registration will open soon.

I am a presenter; do I have to pay to attend the symposium?

Unless special arrangements are stipulated, all presenters shall pay the required fees to attend the INCOSE IS. Failure to register before the specified deadline may result in removal of the paper or panel in the technical program.
The quick transition from a live to virtual event has required that our presenters make major adjustments with limited lead time. In particular, creating presentation recordings, attending dry run sessions, and being prepared to answer questions both live and asynchronously. Due to these unforeseen changes and the increased load on presenters this year, INCOSE would like to thank our presenters with a special rate of $250 for the Virtual Symposium. Instructions on how to register using this rate will be emailed separately to presenters.