Systems Engineering for Earth’s Future

Technical program highlights

Technical Operations

Wednesday July 22 - 16:20 UTC+2

The Tech Ops invited content highlights the lifecycle of products developed applying INCOSE’s Technical Product Development process. The session on Wednesday starts with one of INCOSE’s new initiatives (Smart Cities), then moves to an ongoing project where the definition of social systems is developed, and concludes with the SE Tools Database product that recently completed the Technical Product Development process.

The goal of the session is to showcase leading edge INCOSE products, encourage other working groups and members to contribute to these efforts and to convey TechOps’ shared beliefs and culture:

  • We apply Systems Engineering to what we do and how we do it.
  • We are all volunteers, so we back up each other and actively recruit new volunteers to support our efforts.
  • We strive to deliver what we promise at a high level of quality.
  • Systems Engineering practitioners are our customers.
  • We are servant leaders, removing barriers while following the intent of INCOSE policy.
  • We apply INCOSE values and principles when setting our priorities.
  • We are evolving to an "impactful professional society".

President Invited Content

Monday July 20 - 16:20 UTC+2

Exploring Real AI: A Systems Engineering Approach

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic today in both technical and popular arenas, but the waves of exciting progress on real applications are accompanied by an undercurrent of misinformation, misunderstanding and fear. This session offers an in-depth exploration of AI technology for the systems engineer. First, we explore deep neural networks—the fastest growing and most widely useful of all AI technologies—by building one in a workshop format. In Part II, we look at the real problems that concern systems AI specialists and systems engineers and how they affect the performance, safety and dependability of systems. In Part III, we look at the current and near-future research in systems AI, for a look into where it all may be going.

Tuesday July 21 - 16:20 UTC+2

Managing the Interstitials: Future of Systems Engineering Suited for Urban Infrastructure 4.0

Infrastructure 4.0 and particularly, Urban Infrastructure 4.0, is commonly viewed as the transformation of infrastructure as driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) and applied to the domains of building construction, roads & highways, bridges, water, railroads, aviation, electric grids, and broadband. These domains are all to be enabled by human, cloud, and broadband infrastructures to provide smart everything. However, it is not apparent that Urban Infrastructure 4.0 currently addresses the critical context of diverse cultural, political, and economic climates. Also, it is not clear that it addresses and accounts for the hidden interactions across domains that can result in the emergence of unintended consequences and does not assure the resilience of these non-deterministic, complex systems of systems at scale.