Mission and Objectives


To improve healthcare delivery in the world by bringing together systems engineers and systems thinkers in healthcare system to identify, develop, and tailor best practices for the improvement of healthcare delivery.  We will achieve that by

  • Articulating the value and application of systems engineering to healthcare through simple examples and easily deployable guidelines, and
  • Providing a forum for developing and sharing best practices, meeting world class experts in Systems Engineering and Healthcare (and across other industries).
Our on-going goal is to aggregate information that articulates the value and application of systems engineering to the biomedical and healthcare industries and to provide an infrastructure for members and interested non-members to share relevant information.

Our living charter, organization char,t and priorities are provided below.


Technical Lead:  Chris Unger, Chief Systems Engineer, GE Healthcare (

Operations Lead:  Bob Malins, President, Eagle Summit Technology Associates, Inc. (

Communications and Membership Lead:  Cary Bryczek, Principal Solutions Architect, Jama Software (

Contact for additional information.

Upcoming Events

4th Annual Systems Engineering in Healthcare Conference 2018

April 19-20, 2018

Visit Conference Website

Society for Simulation in Healthcare will be hosting an event:

Forum on Modeling and Simulation - January 13-17, 2018
The forum will showcase modeling and engineering applications that improve safety, quality, cost effectiveness, and efficiency in healthcare. There will be breakout sessions on:
• Biology Modeling: cell, organ and disease
• Usability testing
• Healthcare delivery and operational decision support
• Healthcare policy and strategic planning
• Emerging technologies

Upcoming Webinars

Webinar (Fed 23rd): Randy Iliff presenting “How Decision Making Enables the Essential Connection Between Potential and Product"

In every development effort, regardless of field or context,there is an essential connection that must be made between what is possible and what will actually be done. In most cases that path contains very sensitive information that cannot be widely shared, but the publicly funded IceCube project is an exception to that rule. Please join us as INCOSE co-founder and frequent contributor Randall Iliff shares the logic of effective decision making and illustrates that logic with actual work products from the IceCube project. You may be astounded at how simple decision making can be, and how often decisions must be simple due to constraints of available information and lead time."

This webinar is open to both INCOSE members and non-members.
Please feel free to forward this link to any of your colleagues who have in interest in applying systems engineering in healthcare.

When: February 23, 2018, Noon-1PM US Eastern (1700 UTC) 
(best to let the system call you back)
Access Number: 1-866-546-3377
Guest Pass code: 690 424 1038
International calling numbers displayed when you click the URL above.

Recent Accomplishments

2018 Webinars
Webinar (Jan 12th): Doug Dietz presenting “Design Thinking and the Patient Experience”
INCOSE members can view/download a video recording here.

2017 INCOSE International Workshop – Jan 2016 (Torrance, CA)
Healthcare Working Group Open Sessions:
• State of Systems Engineering in Healthcare
• MBSE Challenge Team:  MBSE applied to medical devices for risk management and compliance
• MBSE Challenge Team:  MBSE applied to capturing the clinical environment for medical devices 
• Systems engineering outreach to small business medical device developers 
• Working Group Sushi Dinner

Click here for FULL AGENDA.

2016 INCOSE International Symposium - July 2016 (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Invited Panel “Healthcare Invited Content: How systems approaches can keep people out of the hospital?”

Best Paper: “Architectural Parallels between biological and engineered solutions in defence and security” – Brigitte Daniel Allegro and Gary Robert Smith

Healthcare extension to SEBoK
3 additional articles in publication:  
Overview of the Healthcare Sector and 
Healthcare Systems Engineering for the overview articles.

Public Webinars
(presentation materials and recordings are available to INCOSE members on Connect)

May 2017, Model-based Design of Artificial Pancreas Algorithm Software - Lou Lintereur, Systems Engineering Medtronic Diabetes Intensive Insulin Management Business Unit

April 2017,  Systems Engineering in MedTech - Today's Trends and Techniques - Jama Software.

January 2016 "Systems Engineering Template Kits For Small Enterprises" by David M. Cronin, CEO Cognition Corporation 

February 2016 "Systems Engineering Concepts Applied to a Hospital Emergency Department" - Dr. Robert J. Malins, Founder, Eagle Summit Technology Associates

March 2016 "Medical Device Agile Systems Workshop Summary" by Dr. Chris Unger, Chief Engineer GE Healthcare

April 2016 "A SysML model of an In-Home Patient Monitoring System" by Myron Hecht, Senior Project Leader at The Aerospace Corporation

May 2016  "Designing Products that Customers Like – Using Observational Studies to Improve Safety and Satisfaction" by Pat Baird, Director of Engineering at Baxter Healthcare

October 2016 "A Systems Approach to Healthcare" - Dr Alana Ravitz

November 2016 "Using Atlas to Map a Healthcare Systems Engineering Career" - Nicole Hutchinson

December 2016 "Medical Simulation 3.0" - Dr Yue Dong MD


Systems Engineering Concepts Applied to a Hospital Operating Room Conference – May 2016 (Arlington, VA)
In partnership with Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation  
The workshop brought together clinicians, healthcare simulation experts, medical device manufacturers, and systems engineers to evaluate and refine an emerging systems engineering modeling approach to healthcare operations, with the specific focus on the operation room.

2016 INCOSE Conference on Agile Systems in Health Care 
(May 23 - 24, Conference Center of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, Schaumburg, Illinois)
The overall system and system components of Health Care (including its delivery processes, pharmaceuticals and other therapies and preventive measures, medical devices, and its regulatory and economic framework) are challenged to be "agile systems". Agility challenges arise from shifting threats, expectations, and competition, advances in technology and medical science, and evolving economic and regulatory aspects. 
Although the software development community has advanced the practice of agile development of software, the system-level opportunities and challenges of agility are much broader than software alone. This conference is about the current landscape, examples of progress in agility for more general systems, and the road ahead. It builds on an earlier conference held in 2015.  This two-day conference includes multiple session learning tracks as well as collaboration session opportunities to advance the state of the community. Watch this space for future posting of the detailed schedule of tracks, topics, and sessions.

INCOSE Members can download conference presentations and recordings at INCOSE Connect.
Keynote Presentation
Front Line Lessons in Agile Health Care Systems
COL (Ret) Donald A. Gagliano, MD, MHA
Principal, Global Medical Innovation
Senior Health Systems Engineer, The MITRE Corporation
Commander, 30th Medical Brigade; Theater Surgeon, CJTF-7 

Plenary Presentation
Agile Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
Bruce Powell Douglass
Chief Evangelist, Global Technology Ambassador,

Great Lakes Regional Conference  Sep 18-21 – Healthcare track and Healthcare Panel

Local Indian Healthcare WG formed

During APCOSEC2016, the local team in India agreed to form an India Healthcare Working Group.  The group will concentrate on improving Systems Engineering for Medical Product development.  The initial focus will be on the challenges for value based healthcare products.  Founding team members were from Medtronic and Philips Healthcare, and will reach out to several other local companies for additional members.  Please contact Vijay Chari ( or Shailesh Patel ( for more information or to join the group.

APOSEC Indians

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Mission & Objectives

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