Technical Operations



Director, Technical Operations

Erika Palmer

Deputy Director, Technical Operations

Antony G. "Tony" Williams

Assistant Director, Products Champion

Carl E. Landrum

Assistant Director, Application Domains

Eric Burgers

Assistant Director, WG Integration

Jimmie G. McEver III, Ph.D., M.P.P.

Assistant Director, Analytic Enablers

Krystal A. Porter

Assistant Director, Technical Review

Lori F. Zipes

Assistant Director, Technical Information

Phyllis R. Marbach

Assistant Director, Transformational

Richard A. Martin

Assistant Director, Standards Development Department

Tami Katz

Assistant Director, Process Enablers

William G. "Bill" Scheible

Assistant Director, Internal Operations

Anabel Fraga

Deputy Assistant Director, Technical Review

Daniel Siegl

Deputy Assistant Director, Standards Development Department

Dean C. Norfleet

Deputy Assistant Director, Technical Information

Within Technical Operations we share the following beliefs

    • We apply Systems Engineering to what we do and how we do it.
    • We are all volunteers, so we back up each other and actively recruit new volunteers to support our efforts.
    • We strive to deliver what we promise at a high level of quality.
    • Systems Engineering practitioners are our customers.
    • We are servant leaders, removing barriers while following the intent of INCOSE policy.
    • We apply INCOSE values and principles when setting our priorities.
    • We are evolving to an "impactful professional society".
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