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At INCOSE, we are dedicated to supporting our working groups and their passion for developing innovative projects. We provide assistance with publication and endorse projects that have successfully completed the technical project plan.

Technical Product Pipeline

Last Updated: April 24, 2024

Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Integrating Systems Engineering in Enterprise Culture
  • Description: In the pursuit of program and project success, we can no longer prioritize group methodologies over system architecture and resulting enterprise methodology, enabling siloed activity to hinder overall performance. Systems engineering is a crucial discipline for successfully developing and managing complex systems, but many organizations face significant hurdles when attempting to integrate systems engineering practices into their workflows. The Embedding Systems Engineering Into Organizations Working Group (WG) explores the reasons that enterprises have not integrated systems engineering principles into their organizational culture. Systems engineering is inherently cross-organizational and integrated, whereas enterprises can fall short of achieving this level of cohesion. Recognizing this disparity is key to finding the connection and bridge between an organization's ability to implement systems engineering and effective enterprise culture. Therefore, this project aims to identify and explore the common themes, roadblocks, and hazards that organizations encounter during the implementation of systems engineering. By exploring the experiences of various organizations, we will develop a comprehensive list of likely problems, such as the intimidation factor associated with systems engineering terminology, resistance to change, lack of resources, and difficulties in aligning systems engineering with existing processes. The WG proposes to produce a report (potentially 15 pages) describing the common problem themes associated with embedding Systems Engineering into an organization, and also produce a summary for Section 5 of SEBok, to give insights and guidance for organizations seeking to enhance their systems engineering capabilities. After the definition of the challenges, the WG will propose potential solutions and best practices to overcome these obstacles and successfully adopt systems engineering methodologies.  Hopefully the current work on the problems, and the “ideas” for solution guidance will be the subject of a paper for IS2025.
Decision Analysis Data Model
  • Description: The Decision Analysis Data Model (DADM) is a cutting-edge, model-based framework designed to bring consistency and clarity to decision making. Developed by the Decision Analysis Working Group (DAWG) to align with the INCOSE Vision 2035, the DADM empowers practitioners to make data-driven decisions, promoting trusted digital collaboration, and fostering reuse practices. The DADM features conceptual and logical data models that define the data and interactions required for a quality decision analysis, as well as the INCOSE recommended process for conducting that analysis.
  • Project Lead: Devon Clark
Digital Engineering: Practical Considerations for Implementation across the System Lifecycle
  • Description: The adoption of digital engineering processes is being accelerated by the increasing use of digital technologies, the growing demand for software-based solutions to address complex business problems, and the proliferation of internet-connected devices, platforms, and systems. The pace of development in Digital Engineering has led to an explosion of ideas and new practices in how it can support Engineering requirements, architectures, design, manufacturing, deployment, and sustainment.  The rapid pace of the adoption of digital engineering has also led to a lack of agreement and understanding of purpose, outcomes, activities, and terms. This document will provide key digital engineering definitions, considerations, and activities across the systems lifecycle to engineering practitioners.
  • Start Date: October 2023 | Completion Date (Expected): December 2024 | Project Lead: Darryl Howell
A Primer on Artificial Intelligence and the Role of Systems Engineering
  • Description: INCOSE membership at large who are interested in learning about artificial intelligence, its capabilities, and the role that systems engineering needs to take to both leverage and advance AI.
  • Start Date: September 2020 | Completion Date (Expected): TBD | Project Lead: Ali K. Raz
Application Guide for Systems Engineering in the Infrastructure Domain
  • Description: The SE Handbook defines the DSE processes overall on a high and abstract level, but does not provide guidance nor examples to the audience on how to apply SE in domains like Infrastructure. One (1) Word document, to be written, intended to complement the 5th edition of the SE Handbook. A paragraph for the Infrastructure Domain in the 5th edition of the SE Handbook will reference the
    Application Guide.
  • Start Date: March 2022 | Completion Date (Expected): TBD | Project Lead: Marcel van de Ven
Systems Engineering Quality Management Primer
  • Description: SEQM is based on a body of knowledge that exists outside INCOSE, originated by quality leaders including Edwards Demming, Philip Crosby and Joseph Juran. More recently the Quality Management Institute, founded by Larry Kennedy, a protege of Philip Crosby, has developed the ideas and approach further. The SEQM Primer is designed to given an overview of SEQM, as a leadership discipline, and show the applicability of quality management leadership attributes to systems engineering workflows and processes.
  • Start Date: August 2021 | Completion Date (Expected): TBD | Project Lead: Barclay Brown
Knowledge Map
  • Description: INCOSE needs to be able to identify areas of knowledge  & skills to be able to connect people and groups with specific knowledge and skills. By connecting people, INCOSE will be able to grow these areas of knowledge to advance Systems Engineering. When looking at workgroup integration, people with similar interests need to be able to find each other.
  • Start Date: August 2020 | Completion Date (Expected): TBD | Project Lead: Eric Burgers
Agile Systems Engineering Decision Guidance Method
  • Description: Applying system engineering in accordance with the precepts of Agile is a relatively new practice except in direct support of software development efforts. Deciding when and where to apply Agile Systems principles and practices in a systems engineering project lifecycle requires insight into behavior in practices and culture that span the customer operational space, the development environment space, and the solution architecture space itself.  Specifically, a team or organization needs a working understanding of the dynamics of these three spaces as well as its own capability to respond to those dynamics in order to effectively identify and implement targeted improvements to its operating strategies and practices.
  • Start Date: August 2022 | Completion Date (Expected): August 2024 | Project Lead: Ron Lyells


Guide to ISO/IEC/IEEE 42020
  • Description: The ISO/IEC/IEEE 42020 standard elaborates on architecture processes compatible with the Architecture Definition process contained in ISO/IEC/IEEE 152882015 and ISO/IEC/IEEE 122072015. In order to adopt the 42020 standard in an organization, additional effort for adapting the outcomes, work products, activities and tasks in accordance with the needs of the organization will be required.  Some parts of the standard are conceptual in nature and customization is desirable in order to deal with the different architecture domains (such as the enterprise, systems, services and software domains) for use by a broad range of managers, architects and other stakeholders involved in these practices.
  • Start Date: January 2021 | Completion Date (Expected): August 2024 | Project Lead: Anand Kumar
Guide to Security Needs and Requirements
  • Description: The Requirements Working Group (RWG) has published several INCOSE products that provide guidance to systems engineers on how to elicit, design, verify, and validate needs and requirements. Security requirements have traditionally been considered non-functional requirements and the Systems Security Working Group has been working toward making security requirements be functional requirements as part of the Future of Systems Engineering (FuSE) initiative. This INCOSE product is intended to serve as a guide to how to use the RWG products effectively for security needs and requirements.
  • Start Date: March 2024 | Completion Date (Expected): July 2024 | Project Lead: Beth Wilson
INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Framework Version 2
  • Description: With the recent publication of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Assessment Guide (SECAG), the associated INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Framework published in 2018 is out of date.  An updated version of the Framework will be developed and made available in the INCOSE store as a Version 2 edition.
  • Start Date: November 2023 | Completion Date (Expected): May 2024 | Project Lead: Ian Presland
Agile Systems Engineering Primer
  • Description: This brochure is an introductory profile of what constitutes agile systems engineering and why – a primer that can instigate and inspire discussion, consideration, and transformation.
  • Start Date: February 2023 | Completion Date (Expected): May 2024 | Project Lead: Rick Dove

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