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SE Research

Policy Statement on Systems Engineering Research

The International Council of Systems Engineering represents systems engineering professionals from industry, government, and academia. It recognizes the diversity of types of systems engineering that are practiced worldwide and the diversity of approaches to educate and train system engineers.

INCOSE is also a learned society and as such it cares about the education and training of new entrants in the profession, about the continuing education of the professionals it represents, and about research conducted in the field.

Consequently, INCOSE has formulated two policy statements that express its positions on systems engineering education and on systems engineering research.

Statement on Systems Engineering Research

Systems engineering is an integrative discipline which, like other engineering specialties, needs vibrant research. This should:

  • Enhance the field’s body of knowledge on which the professional practice in systems engineering is based, and
  • Incorporate the technological advances in the traditional engineering disciplines that affect systems engineering.

INCOSE recognizes, that the theoretical basis for the relatively young discipline of systems engineering, when compared to traditional engineering disciplines, is relatively less well established and should be strengthened. INCOSE will hence strongly support doctoral and post doctoral research and encourage national and international networks to this effect.

INCOSE’s Policy Statements:

Statement on Research Programs

INCOSE advocates the articulation of research programs in basic and applied research in Systems Engineering and is committed to support the formulation of such programs through workshops, conferences and publications.

Statement on Fostering Basic Research

INCOSE strongly supports doctoral level research in Systems Engineering and is committed to acting as a catalyst in the formation of an international collaborating R&D community.

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