Systems Engineering Certification

Demonstrating knowledge and experience in the practice of Systems Engineering

ESEP Interviews

ESEP References

Every candidate for ESEP must submit at least three references. At least two of these references must be available to be interviewed by phone or web audio connection. All interviews are between one individual and up to three Certification Application Reviewers. All interviews are conducted in English. Candidate interviews are typically one hour long, while reference interviews are thirty minutes long.  

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Interview Process

The purpose of the interviews is to learn more about the candidate’s technical leadership, beyond what is captured in the application form. The application questions and content of the interview should not be shared. The review team may or may not conduct interviews. Interviews will be recorded for the purpose of handling appeals and feedback to improve the certification program. Recordings will be stored until the review process is completed.

Special Accommodations

Candidates may request special accommodations for their interview if English is not their first language or if they have an auditory or other challenges. This should be done through the Special Accommodations form. Possible accommodations are extra time and visually displayed questions.  

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ESEP Interview FAQs:

How long does the ESEP review process take?

Our review and processing typically takes two to three months. The review starts once all of an applicant’s materials, including references and proof of degree, are received. The longest delay in an ESEP review is the scheduling of interview with the applicant and, if necessary, references.

For how long is an ESEP certification valid?

An Expert Systems Engineering Professional Certification is valid for the duration of an individual’s INCOSE membership. No certification renewal is required. 

If I apply for ESEP and am not approved, do I have to re-apply to get certified at a lower level?

If you are denied at the ESEP level, you will be given the opportunity to apply as an ASEP or CSEP without having to pay a new application fee. You will have to pass the INCOSE knowledge exam to get certified at those levels. There will be a limited time for that opportunity, which will be listed for you in your denial message. If you are already certified at the lower level, your application fee at the higher level may be used to pay for your next renewal at that lower level.

Are the interview questions for ESEP similar to the exam questions for ASEP and CSEP?

No, the interview is about an individual’s technical leadership experience, not a knowledge check of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook. 

Will all of my references be contacted?

No, the review team may contact up to two of your references. They may choose not to contact any references.

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