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INCOSE Policies

This page lists the policies established by the International Council on Systems Engineering (hereafter as INCOSE) Board of Directors under the authority granted them by the INCOSE Bylaws. Each policy is identified and numbered in the accordance with policy MGT-200: INCOSE Policy – 1 May 2012.

For each policy the List of Policies shows:

  • Type Designator-Number,
  • Name, and
  • Date of approval by the Board of Directors.

Within each policy each clause (paragraph) is numbered to facilitate reference to that clause. When a policy has multiple named sections, clause numbering begins anew within each section.

At the end of each policy, the following control information is maintained:

  • Supersedes (date of issue of the version, if any, that the current policy supersedes).
  • Approved by (INCOSE President approving the issuance of the policy in accordance with Board of Directors Action).
  • Maintained by (INCOSE Officer, Organization, or Committee responsible for maintaining the policy. Maintaining a policy involves assuring that it is followed and recommending changes that would be in the interest of INCOSE).

Using this Document

Each policy item is indexed below. The current versions are available from this website. Changes generally occur after the Symposium, the International Workshop, and meetings in between. To check for changes, compare the date in the Introduction with the date in the Introduction of your current copy.

Request for Policy Changes or Additions

All requests for changes or additions to these policies should be coordinated with the Policy Management Committee (PMC) prior to presentation at the Board of Directors.

When proposing a change to an existing policy, create a text or Word file with the following parts:

  • Policy Designator-Number,
  • For each clause for which a change or addition is proposed:
    • If a modification of existing clause, copy of the current text.
    • Proposed revised or new clause. (A new clause will be given the next available number in the section to which it is being assigned.) If the proposal is to delete a clause, the proposed text for the clause should be “deleted”.
  • Rationale for the change.

When proposing a new policy, create a text or Microsoft Word file with the following parts:

  • Policy type designator (Policy Management Committee (PMC) will assign the number when the Board of Directors approves the policy),
  • Proposed policy title,
  • Proposed clauses,
  • Proposed maintainer,

Rationale for the change.

ACD-101 Academic CouncilPDF56.46 KB29 Jan, 2020 Download
ADM-100 AdministrativePDF26.20 KB22 Apr, 2018 Download
ADM-101 Conflict of InterestPDF27.72 KB12 Jul, 2018 Download
ADM-102 Confidential InformationPDF33.84 KB26 Apr, 2019 Download
ADM-103 Intellectual PropertyPDF60.67 KB12 Jul, 2018 Download
ADM-104 Document RetentionPDF38.22 KB12 Jul, 2018 Download
ADM-105 WhistleblowerPDF34.31 KB26 Oct, 2018 Download
ADM-106 Remote Meeting Resource UsagePDF27.72 KB12 Jul, 2018 Download
ADM-107 Disciplinary PolicyPDF50.97 KB26 Oct, 2018 Download
ADM-108 Global OperationsPDF35.16 KB20 Apr, 2018 Download
ADM-109 GrievancePDF56.33 KB26 Oct, 2018 Download
BOD-100 Board of DirectorsPDF40.61 KB22 Apr, 2018 Download
BOD-101 Attendance at the Board of Directors MeetingsPDF18.59 KB20 Apr, 2018 Download
BOD-102 EndorsementsPDF31.37 KB27 Jan, 2019 Download
BOD-103 Long Range and Annual Planning PDF29.19 KB29 Jan, 2019 Download
BOD-104 Past Presidents Advisory GroupPDF30.22 KB24 Jul, 2020 Download
CAB-100 Corporate Advisory BoardPDF32.26 KB12 Jul, 2018 Download
CER-100 INCOSE Professional Certification ProgramPDF45.11 KB27 Jan, 2019 Download
CER-101 Certification EquivalenciesPDF31.47 KB26 Apr, 2019 Download
CHP-100 ChaptersPDF23.51 KB24 Jan, 2018 Download
CIO-100 Information TechnologyPDF32.67 KB26 Oct, 2018 Download
CIO-101 Personal Info ProtectionPDF36.55 KB21 Jul, 2019 Download
CMT-100 CommitteesPDF43.04 KB26 Oct, 2018 Download
COM-100 CommunicationsPDF33.24 KB20 Apr, 2018 Download
COM-101 Use of INCOSE Name and LogoPDF62.45 KB12 Jul, 2018 Download
COM-102 Commercial Advertising and PostingsPDF26.34 KB26 Oct, 2018 Download
ELC-100 Nominations and Elections Committee PDF55.56 KB24 Jul, 2020 Download
EVT-100 Events Committee CharterPDF37.29 KB26 Oct, 2018 Download
EVT-101 EventsPDF56.17 KB27 Jan, 2019 Download
FEL-100 Fellows CommitteePDF27.39 KB22 Apr, 2018 Download
FIN-100 FinancesPDF32.20 KB29 Jan, 2019 Download
FIN-101 Budget and Planning Committee CharterPDF30.81 KB29 Jan, 2020 Download
FIN-102 Travel Policy PDF192.36 KB29 Jan, 2020 Download
FIN-103 Chapter Financial Support for Events PDF30.79 KB29 Jan, 2020 Download
FIN-104 InvestmentsPDF38.27 KB29 Jan, 2020 Download
FIN-105 Gifts and Hospitality PDF35.87 KB27 Jan, 2019 Download
MBR-100 MembershipPDF50.30 KB26 Oct, 2018 Download
MBR-101 Periodic Update of Membership FeesPDF29.64 KB26 Oct, 2018 Download
MGT-100 Search Committee CharterPDF31.90 KB29 Jan, 2020 Download
OUT-100 Outreach PrinciplesPDF45.84 KB24 Jan, 2018 Download
OUT-101 Guidelines for Alliances, MOUs, and MOAsPDF32.41 KB25 Jul, 2019 Download
OUT-102 Industry Outreach Board (IOB) CharterPDF35.65 KB26 Apr, 2019 Download
OUT-103 AmbassadorsPDF37.69 KB26 Apr, 2019 Download
PMC-100 Policy ManagementPDF19.37 KB24 Jan, 2018 Download
PMC-101 INCOSE PolicyPDF92.39 KB20 Apr, 2018 Download
PUB-100 Publications OfficePDF17.75 KB20 Apr, 2018 Download
PUB-101 Translation of INCOSE ProductsPDF99.76 KB27 Jan, 2019 Download
PUB-102 SE Journal Editorial PolicyPDF27.63 KB22 Apr, 2018 Download
PUB-104 Licensing Agreements for INCOSE IPPDF61.78 KB26 Oct, 2018 Download
REC-100 Recognition AwardsPDF56.87 KB08 Sep, 2020 Download
REC-101 Fellows AwardPDF36.20 KB20 Apr, 2018 Download
REC-102 Outstanding Service AwardPDF36.33 KB29 Jan, 2020 Download
REC-103 Brian Mar Best Student Paper AwardPDF21.92 KB20 Apr, 2018 Download
REC-104 Chapters AwardsPDF31.56 KB12 Jul, 2018 Download
REC-105 Founder's Award PDF28.67 KB29 Jan, 2020 Download
REC-106 Pioneer AwardPDF28.43 KB29 Jan, 2020 Download
REC-107 Journal Outstanding Paper AwardPDF50.73 KB26 Oct, 2018 Download
REC-108 Certificates of AppreciationPDF26.17 KB20 Apr, 2018 Download
REC-109 Working Group AwardsPDF53.25 KB20 Apr, 2018 Download
REC-110 INSIGHT Readers’ Choice Best Issue & Best Paper AwardsPDF49.67 KB12 Jul, 2018 Download
REC-111 Benefactor AwardPDF27.43 KB29 Jan, 2020 Download
REC-112 Good Neighbor AwardPDF32.57 KB20 Apr, 2018 Download
REC-113 Systems Engineering Influencer AwardPDF57.38 KB29 Jan, 2020 Download
REC-114 Joint ASEE - INCOSE Educators AwardPDF28.99 KB17 Apr, 2020 Download
REC-115 Certification Champion AwardPDF31.85 KB24 Jul, 2020 Download
REC-116 Reviewer of the Year AwardPDF26.52 KB08 Sep, 2020 Download
SEC-100 Sector DirectorsPDF30.76 KB20 Apr, 2018 Download
TEC-100 Technical InfrastructurePDF30.57 KB20 Oct, 2017 Download
TEC-101 Sale & Distribution of Technical ProductsPDF26.78 KB12 Jul, 2018 Download
TEC-103 StandardsPDF46.77 KB20 Oct, 2017 Download
TEC-107 Technical Product Development and CommercializationPDF73.76 KB24 Jul, 2020 Download
INCOSE Membership Price ListPDF114.50 KB26 Mar, 2019 Download
CGFM Membership Update January 2018PDF86.11 KB05 Jan, 2018 Download
INCOSE Membership Fees Update 2018PDF196.98 KB16 Mar, 2018 Download
INCOSE Member Benefits DifferentiationPDF116.28 KB08 Jul, 2020 Download


The formal INCOSE bylaws, filed with the State of California, are available online for member review. The INCOSE bylaws were last updated March 2020.

INCOSE Articles of Incorporation

The formal articles of incorporation, filed with the State of California, are available online for member review. The articles of incorporation were filed for the National Council on Systems Engineering (NCOSE) on 21 November 1991. A certificate of amendment was filed on 1 June 1995 to change the name to the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE).