Careers in Systems Engineering

What Helps Shape a Systems Engineer?

Systems engineering is concerned with the overall process of defining, developing, operating, maintaining, and ultimately replacing quality systems. Where other engineering disciplines concentrate on the specifics of a system (electronics, mechanics, ergonometrics, aerodynamics, software, etc.), systems thinking allows the systems engineer to focus on the integration of all of these aspects as a coherent and effective system. Systems engineers bring a particular perspective to the engineering process (requirements definition, top-level functional designs, project management, life cycle cost analysis, etc.) that serves to organize and coordinate other engineering activities.

Careers in SE

Many programs exist to train systems engineers.  INCOSE has a firm commitment to creating vital pathways to systems engineering careers.  In a collaboration with the Stevens Institute of Technology, and the IEEE Computer Society, INCOSE has created a project to provide a living, shared and authoritative guide to the full scope of Systems Engineering knowledge. This is fast becoming the most used reference in the world to guide systems engineering graduate education and systems engineering practice. Check out BKCASE.

Where Do Systems Engineers Come From?

The systems engineer is the primary interface between management, customers, suppliers, and specialty engineers in the systems development process.  While most have a background in other engineering disciplines, the career descriptor also has a lot to do with the ability and interest to think with a systems perspective.  This may come from the specific and recognizable engineering fields but also from a science/math, human systems, business or any field that develops critical and logical thinking.

How Can INCOSE Help You in Your Career

INCOSE members have access to Job Board for up to date job listings and information.

The INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional Certification adds an important credential to your resume.

Networking is one of the best ways to break into and advance your career.  There are multitudes of opportunities with INCOSE Chapters and Working Groups.

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