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The vision for the INCOSE Systems Engineering Lab (SE Lab) is a computing environment (or set of environments) where INCOSE members can use real, full versions of systems engineering tools for non-commercial INCOSE purposes, for learning, and for INCOSE projects, at no cost to the member or to INCOSE. Tool Providers participate to gain exposure for their products, and for modest promotional consideration and acknowledgement for their contribution of product availability.


Fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing through a state-of-the-art computing environment for systems engineering advancement.

Products offered in the SE Lab may be used for non-commercial purposes, including:

  • INCOSE projects, e.g., project for the INCOSE organization, or projects in support of an INCOSE initiative, working group, chapter, or other INCOSE activity;
  • Learning and experimentation, e.g., to learn how to use a product.
  • Educational purposes, e.g., classroom exercises, projects, homework, etc.

Products in the SE Lab may be used in combination, such as a requirements management tool from one Tool Provider in combination with a SysML modeling tool from another, as enabled by integrations provided by the Tool Providers, or by a third-party integration provider.

Access to the INCOSE SE Laboratory is one of the great benefits of INCOSE membership.

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