A better world through a systems approach

The International Council on Systems Engineering has selected seven objectives to focus and guide the next five years to advance the practice of systems engineering as well as highlight the professional stature of systems engineers. These strategic objectives are intended to work together to advance the understanding and practice of systems engineering.


INCOSE doubles its membership and embraces the healthcare, mobility, and energy business sectors.


INCOSE amplifies its ability to achieve its mission through diverse alliances.


INCOSE curricular recommendations are widely adopted around the world, raising the quality of engineering education.


INCOSE produces and brokers the most impactful systems engineering information in the world, grounded in effective practice and research.


INCOSE produces and supports the most impactful forums in the world on systems engineering practice, policy, education, and research.


INCOSE teams with industry, government and academia to raise systems engineering competency.


INCOSE accelerates the transformation of systems engineering to a model-based discipline.

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