Policy on SE Education

The International Council of Systems Engineering represents systems engineering professionals from industry, government, and academia. It recognizes the diversity of types of systems engineering that are practiced worldwide and the diversity of approaches to educate and train system engineers.

INCOSE is also a learned society and as such it cares about the education and training of new entrants in the profession, about the continuing education of the professionals it represents, and about research conducted in the field.

Consequently, INCOSE has formulated two policy statements that express its positions on systems engineering education and on systems engineering research.

Statement on Systems Engineering Education

INCOSE believes strongly that:

  1. a “systems perspective” and the fundamental principles of systems engineering have an important role in the education of all engineers regardless of their specialty. This will strengthen the general recognition that most of today’s engineering tasks are performed in multi-disciplinary teams, and
  2. degree granting programs in systems engineering must be encouraged and supported.

INCOSE believes that the choice of the best suited approach to systems engineering education rests with the academic institutions. The latter, in dialogue with industry and other systems engineering employers are best suited to determine what programs meet the needs of their constituency. INCOSE strives to provide a forum for the faculties and students of these programs. Nurturing young Systems Engineering graduates and providing a professional home for them is an essential objective of our professional society.

INCOSE’s Policy Statement:

INCOSE, in recognition of the need for academic education in Systems Engineering, advocates that academic institutions offer more engineering degree programs with strong components in Systems Engineering, and supports academic institutions that have chosen to offer programs that lead to degrees in Systems Engineering.

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