The INCOSE Foundation, through the SE Global Member Project, is expanding access to the best practices of systems engineering to create a more equitable future – and shape the future for students and practitioners everywhere, regardless of economic ability to join INCOSE.  This enables us to reach higher levels of technical achievement, student empowerment and equity around the globe.  With your support, we can shape the engineering future workforce, elevate the systems engineering community and advance the public good.

We will continue to earn the confidence that our flagship donors have placed in us to bring our resources to all those who can benefit.

“The challenges we face and the technologies we need to develop are ever evolving. I’m proud to say that we prepare engineers to tackle the problems of today – and provide them with the knowledge, vision, and confidence to enable systems that help shape the future.”



INCOSE Foundation's

Report of Activities

The INCOSE Foundation is proud to release this Report of Activities, which chronicles our journey through 2020, 2021, 2022 and to date. The Foundation Board began to examine its strategy and mission in 2020. What emerged is the SE Global Member Project, the initiative to expand access to INCOSE resources to people in places where the realities of the economy prohibit membership.

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