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"Anticipate the Future - It is our goal to support programs that help the INCOSE Foundation fulfill our place in making this a better world to live in and that will continue to earn the confidence that our flagship donors have placed in us to promote the best practices of systems engineering. The future is extraordinary and challenging – and, with your help, we will continue to meet the challenge."

                                                    - John Ross Snoderly, Foundation Chair


Global Member Project

In August of 2020, The INCOSE Foundation undertook strategic planning to design a “signature program”. This program's goal was aimed to extend the knowledge and resources available through INCOSE membership to aid in the advancement of the systems engineering practice in parts of the globe that the cost of engagement is too high. This goal aligns closely to the overall goal of INCOSE, as an organization, and the Foundation intends to push this goal onwards and upwards - but we cannot do that without your continued generosity. 

Please consider donating today to help us continue to grow the excitement of the SE practice around the world! 

Have any questions or want to get involved in this effort, please contact for more information.

The Foundation Global Member Project's


The INCOSE Foundation Global Member Project has made exciting progress in the last few weeks to expand membership to people in geographic areas where the annual GDP makes it financially prohibitive for students and professionals to take advantage of INCOSE resources through membership. Our initial outreach, which has the full endorsement of INCOSE leadership, is in Africa and we have MOUs with the University of Nairobi and the University of Lagos.

The reason I am reaching out to you now is because we know this program will have interest to companies worldwide. It is important to employers to have certified and qualified workforces and INCOSE resources can make that possible.  Having spent my career in raising money, I know the single most important boost to an application - after an outstanding mission - is having a connection and a champion.  I am hoping you can both direct me to the right place in your company and also indicate your support of what we are doing.

Individual gifts are also welcome, of course.  A recent $500 gift, for instance, ensures student membership for 10 people!  Our plan is to add 100 student members by IS 2023.  Both of the MOU Universities have significant engineering departments with upwards of thousands of students - all who will be seeking employment in the next several years. 

A gift of $2500 will help us enroll an additional 50 student members,

A gift of $4000 allows 50 people to take the ASEP exam,

A $15,000 gift underwrites the program for the next year.

The INCOSE Foundation recognizes all gifts appropriately.  We welcome the opportunity to help you and your company structure sponsorship support for our work with the most mutual benefit.

I - and every other board member - look forward to working with you.


Holly Witte, Managing Director

The INCOSE Foundation



INCOSE Foundation Scholarship Opportunities


The Directors of the INCOSE Foundation are committed to rewarding skills through the scholarships we bestow. With the help of our donors, we celebrate and reward those who are engaged in finding solutions to complex technical challenges at all stages of their education or career.  The INCOSE Foundation offers possibilities for people to pursue goals that anticipate the future – for them and for the world.

  • ISEF, the International Science and Engineering Fair INCOSE Award to a pre-college student
  • The Stevens Doctoral Award for Promising Research in Systems Engineering to a Ph.D. Candidate



Press Release

SAN DIEGO (19 December 2022) – International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Foundation and Defense Acquisition University (DAU) have signed a memorandum of agreement.

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