Awards are presented to recognize INCOSE Working Groups who have contributed significant volunteer effort on behalf of INCOSE.


All Working Groups that have approved charters under Technical Operations are eligible to receive awards under the Working Group Awards and Recognition Program. Not all awards are awarded every year. The Awards recognise exemplary Working Group activities in specific areas:
  • Product of the Year award is presented to the Working Group that, either independently or working in collaboration with other Working Groups and/or other INCOSE stakeholders, has developed and published the product which is considered to provide the most significant value to INCOSE's stakeholders,. This award may be shared between two or more Working Groups.
  • Sustained Performance award is presented to an individual Working Group that has provided exemplary value to INCOSE stakeholders over a multi-year period.
  • Collaboration award is presented to the leadership of the Working Groups that have demonstrated the most exemplary collaboration in working with other Working Groups and/or other INCOSE stakeholders.
  • Outreach award is presented to the Working Group, or combination of Working Groups, that has made the most significant contribution to the development of INCOSE in a non-aerospace/defence domain, and/or outside of the USA.
  • Achieving the Systems Engineering Vision award is presented to the Working Group that has made the most significant contribution toward achieving the Systems Engineering Vision.
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Working Group Award Recipients for 2022

Collaboration - Smart Cities Initiative WG Since its establishment, the Smart Cities Initiative has been conscientiously collaborating. Its scope encompasses nearly every aspect of INCOSE resources. Internal collaboration occurs through shared resources and knowledge, collaboration at IW, and team member participation. It involves the MBSE, Architecture, Social Systems, CIPR, System of Systems, Infrastructure and Transportation WGs, as well as many local chapters. External partners include the IEC (Category A Liaison), the European Technology Chamber (EUTEC), and the cities of Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Monterey (Cal., USA), and Kansas City (Mo., USA). Presentations were made to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), and to the Systems Engineering Society of Australia.
Outreach - Requirements WG The primary goal of the RWG is to expand and promote the body of knowledge of needs and requirements and their benefits within the Systems Engineering (SE) community. The RWG has developed, published, and maintained multiple products that are available to members and non-members across the globe, such as the Guide to Writing Requirements, translated into multiple languages, and the “Needs and Requirements” (NRM), accepted by Wiley for publication. The public facing webpage, RWG Exchange Cafes, YouTube channel, and pre-IW sessions promote INCOSE and demonstrate the value of individual practitioners of SE and organizations of becoming part of the INCOSE community. The RWG outreach activities have and continue to make a significant contribution to the development of INCOSE in all domains across the globe. 
Achieving the SE Vision - Digital Engineering Information Exchange WG The DEIXWG has been extremely active in contributing to achievement of the SE Vision 2035 via its efforts to develop an ISO-standardized ontological framework and lexicon for specifying model-based digital artifacts and digital views exchanged between stakeholders across heterogeneous digital engineering ecosystems. Their contributions have moved the community closer to achieving the goals of the “Practices” and “Tools and Environments” areas of the SE Vision 2035 Roadmap. After developing the Digital Viewpoint Model (DVM) ontology and accompanying tutorial sessions and workshop examples, the DEIXWG is actively working with ISO/IEC AHG6/SC7 to standardize a lexicon of DE concepts and terminology via collaboration across the Industry, Government, and Academic organizations.
Sustained Performance - Israeli Human Systems Integration (HSI) WG The Israeli HSI Working Group was founded in 2016 as a result of an initiative of seasoned Israeli Systems Engineers (SE) and Human Factors Engineers (HFE), with the leadership and guidance of Prof. Guy Boy. Since its creation, it has developed a methodology for integrating HFE activities into SE processes and has disseminated around Israel principles for the successful integration of HFE. It has also integrated advanced technologies from the Industry 4.0 domain, and initiated HSI and MBSE in various articles and presentations. On the international stage, the Israeli Human Systems Integration Working Group co-led the 2020 international HSI Workshop with Prof. Guy Boy, is a contributor to the HSI chapter in SE Handbook, the HSI PRIMER, and is a board member of the international HSI WG.
Product of the Year - SE Vision 2035 Team For developing and publishing the Systems Engineering Vision 2035 which is offered as a community service from the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). This vision serves as an inspiration to engineers, policy makers, and other professionals as a valuable reference in the formation and direction of their future paths and strategies.
Product of the Year - Requirements WG For developing and publishing the Needs and Requirements Manual as a flagship product along with three companion publications (Guide to Needs and Requirements, Guide to Verification and Validation, and Guide to Writing Requirements) that as a set provide practical guidance on systems engineering lifecycle concepts and activities.

Working Group Award Recipients for 2021

Collaboration - Program Management – Systems Engineering (PM-SE) Integration WG The PM-SE Integration Working Group was formed in 2016. In these past 5 years, the WG has developed into a strong and influential group with key strategic collaborations within and outside INCOSE. Over this past year, the WG co-chairs worked closely with SE Handbook and working group leaders coordinating over a dozen expert WG members that contributed to multiple sections of the SE Handbook. Presentations have also been made to multiple chapters around the world where they solicited new members, compared the SEH and PMBoK, and promoted the importance of Product Breakdown Structures. Outside of INCOSE, the PM-SE WG continues to work in close collaboration with PMI in the continuity of the PMI-INCOSE Alliance to establish strong foundations for integrating PM and SE disciplines.
Outreach - Human Systems Integration WG The Human Systems Integration (HSI) working group has shown an increase of membership and activities across various INCOSE events (IW, IS, EMEA) and in the recurrent HSI conference series organized with other parties such as ACM, IEA, and AAE*. WG Chair Guy-Andre Boy additionally serves as the Outreach Ambassador for the EMEA sector and the INCOSE Outreach Relationship Manager for the International Ergonomics Association. Through these alliances, conferences, workshops, webinars, and keynotes, more than 3500 professionals from over 24 countries were involved through the HSI WG this past year, expanding the global reach and further development of INCOSE expertise and influence.
Achieving the SE Vision - Systems and Software Interfaces WG Vision 2025 calls for a systems engineering future that is broad in its reach: any system may benefit from sophisticated model-based understanding and decision-making, from inception to retirement. Realities of software and data are threaded throughout the Vision.  Sarah Sheard founded the SaSIWG to ensure that we interface well with software, in all relevant dimensions, as it is critical to our future success. Over the past 16 months this group has led active monthly discussions, created an internal awareness video about the WG, hosted two book clubs, received a Best Paper Award, and published a special themed issue of Insight, reflecting foundational work and perspectives on business, organizational, process, and technical dimensions of systems and software interfaces. The Systems and Software Interfaces Working Group has significantly contributed to achieving the Systems Engineering Vision and continues to do so in their planned goals for the coming year.
Sustained Performance - Infrastructure WG The Infrastructure Working Group (IWG) was formed in 2005 and has regularly established and met goals for collaboration and product development. All these efforts have involved multiple Infrastructure members collaborating on the development and review of guides, handbooks, leaflets, presentations, and models spanning more than a decade of delivered value. The Guide for the Application of Systems Engineering in Large Infrastructure Projects (Version 1, June 2012) was well received with an updated version to be completed in 2022 as an Appendix to the Systems Engineering Handbook, Version 5. In addition to INCOSE products, collaboration and outreach efforts have been sustained through external organizations such as NETLIPSE* and internal working groups (Smart Cities, Architecture, Transportation, Telecom, and Critical Infrastructure).
Product of the Year - Systems Engineering Tools Database WG The INCOSE SETDB Working Group, in partnership with Project Performance International (PPI) under a Memorandum of Understanding, developed and published the "INCOSE/PPI Systems Engineering Tools Database (SETDB)" to provide our stakeholders with current information regarding systems engineering software tools and cloud services. The SETDB provides the systems engineering community a reliable source of information about software tools they are using or wish to use while executing their business processes throughout a product lifecycle. The SETDB working group applied systems engineering and good project management to great effect, and subsequently delivered a product and service of high quality and high value to INCOSE’s stakeholders.

Working Group Award Recipients for 2020

Collaboration - Space Systems WG The Space Systems Working Group has collaboratively developed a CubeSat System Reference Model (CSRM). The CSRM is a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), System Modeling Language  (SysML) compliant and tool-independent model that was selected by the Object Management Group (OMG) and is in the final stage of becoming a specification. Other collaborations include the work with tool vendors and with universities to ensure a broad evaluation, accessibility and application of the CSRM.
Outreach - Social Systems WG The Social Systems Working Group has accomplished significant results in reaching out to non-aerospace and defense communities. The Social Systems Working Group provided the opportunity to exchange ideas between many systems engineering groups (working groups, academic groups, initiative teams – both formal and informal) inside and outside of INCOSE as all of them have social or sociotechnical areas of interest. Traditional social scientists were brought into the INCOSE community and INCOSE’s work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and NAE Grand Challenges (GCs) significantly benefits from the approach of bringing the communities into a shared environment.
Outreach - INCOSE India MBSE Local WG The INCOSE India MBSE Local Working Group had an impressive growth in membership from various industries since it was founded. By starting a MBSE challenge, they motivated many of their members to engage and reach out to other working groups, initiatives and communities inside and outside of INCOSE. Other outreach activities include raising awareness for systems engineering via LinkedIn and collaborations with other local chapters.
Achieving the SE Vision - Product Line Engineering WG The Product Line Engineering Working Group has made significant contributions to the systems engineering vision. The most impactful contributions are their work on ISO/IEC 26580, the upcoming SysML v2 and two INCOSE Insight Magazines devoted to approaches of feature-based product line engineering for cyber security, resiliency, and other industry best practices. All of these efforts facilitate advancing the state of the practice of product line engineering in the systems engineering vision.
Sustained Performance - Competency WG Over the last couple of years, the Competency Working Group has constantly been working on their goal to develop a holistic global resource on systems engineering competencies. They continued the excellent work of the INCOSE UK Chapter, in 2018 the INCOSE SE Competency Framework (ISECF) was released and was awarded as INCOSE’s Product of the Year. The Competency Working Group immediately initiated their work on the companion SE Competency Assessment Guide (SECAG).
Product of the Year - Model-Based Capabilities Matrix Challenge Team The Model-Based Capabilities Matrix Challenge Team developed a comprehensive tool to assess the model-based capabilities of an organization. The tailorable tool lends itself to many use cases including self-assessment, use in reviews, benchmarking, roadmap development, and both quality and process improvement. The matrix is now in wide use across the US Department of Defense and federal community, their contractors and commercial users worldwide. It was the basis of the 2019 INCOSE SERC Systems Engineering Benchmarking Survey as well as the AFMC Digital Campaign DE metrics program.
Product of the Year - Training WG The INCOSE Training Working Group, working in collaboration with the INCOSE Hampton Roads Area Chapter and other INCOSE stakeholders, developed and published the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook V4.0 Tutorial Slides. These Tutorial Slides is considered to provide significant value because it provides excellent help to many INCOSE members to become Associate and Certified Systems Engineering Professionals (ASEPs and CSEPs).

Working Group Award Recipients for 2019

Achieving the SE Vision - Requirements WG Recognizing the increasing importance of a data-centric perspective on the systems life cycle, the Requirements Working Group developed and published the whitepaper “Integrated Data as a Foundation of Systems Engineering”. This white paper emphasizes that shareable sets of data are a key foundation of Systems Engineering and that all work products generated during the performance of system life cycle process activities need to be represented by accessible and shareable sets of data.
Product of the Year - Product Line Engineering WG For publishing “Feature-based Systems and Software Product Line Engineering: A Primer”. Through the Product Line Engineering Working Group, organizations that are exploring or adopting Feature-based PLE have expressed the need to clearly distinguish it from the myriad general PLE approaches that have been published and promoted over the last few decades. The Feature-based PLE Primer is leading the way to exposing the most mature and proven approach to engineering families of systems.
Sustained Performance - Architecture WG Since 2008, members of the INCOSE Architecture Working Group have been active participants in the development of International Standards for the description, evaluation, processes, and elaboration of system, software and enterprise architectures. Participation in the work of International Standards bodies help members achieve useful collaborative skills in an international setting that requires sustained personal commitment and adoption of emerging knowledge.
Collaboration - Digital Engineering Information Exchange (DEIX) WG The Digital Engineering Information Exchange Working Group is building and expanding an international, multi-industry, and multidisciplinary coalition to develop an industry-wide approach to request, offer, and exchange Digital Artifacts across multi-tier, global supply chains. This working group has been working collaboratively both within and external to INCOSE to define key concepts and ideas (DEIX-Primer), develop a generic digital viewpoint model (DEIX-DVM), and identify standard framework for exchange (DEIX-SF).
Outreach - Telecommunications WG Outreach is the main established purpose of the Telecommunications Working Group which has grown out of INCOSE’s Australia Chapter (SESA) and focuses on growing the awareness of Systems Engineering, INCOSE and certification through outreach to the telecommunications industry. The focus in 2019 has been on two main project working areas: Critical Communication Networks, working on government and emergency telecommunications infrastructure; and Commercial Communication Networks, dealing with issues of communications service providers.

Working Group Award Recipients for 2018

Product of the Year - Competency WG For publishing the INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Framework which is a collaborative product from meetings of the INCOSE International Competency Working Group over several years. The Competency Framework supports the Working Group’s goal to define a global standard for those competencies regarded as central to the practice and profession of Systems Engineering.
Sustained Performance -  Agile Systems & Systems Engineering WG For their continuous efforts, contributions and publications including webinars, INSIGHT articles, papers, panels and tutorials in the field of Agile Systems and Systems Engineering, their engagement with other organizations including NDIA and other INCOSE WGs over a multi-year period.
Sustained Performance - Product Line Engineering WG For their impressive work on Product Lines over several years. The Working Group has created impactful products like the PLE Handbook, contributions to ISO standards and papers that are recognized worldwide as major contributions by academic, governmental and industrial bodies.
Collaboration - Object-Oriented Systems Engineering Method WG For their collaboration with other INCOSE Working Groups (Critical Infrastructure and Recovery, Power & Energy Systems, and Systems Science Working Groups), as well as with decision makers and other subject matter experts from IEEE Computer Society, FBI/InfraGard, and Regional Hospital Administrators and Emergency Incident Commanders.
Outreach -  Critical Infrastructure Protection and Recovery WG For actively leading and working on several projects and activities of high importance in collaboration with many other external entities including Infraguard, Society for Disaster Medicine and Public Health, and Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Working Group Award Recipients for 2017

Product of the Year - Requirements WG In revising the “Guide to Writing Requirements,” the Requirements Working Group engaged a large team of authors and reviewers from across INCOSE Technical Operations to produce a document that has generated interest not only for personal use, but also as a foundation for systems engineering training courses and SE tools across the world.
Collaboration - System of Systems WG For their collaboration with other INCOSE Working Groups (e.g. Automotive), their engagement with other organizations (e.g. PBSE, NDIA), and their efforts in defining ISO standards on System of Systems Engineering (SoSE).
Outreach - Healthcare WG For significant accomplishments in bringing INCOSE’s message to biomedical and healthcare professional societies, regulators, and healthcare delivery organizations, in the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Oceania Sectors.
Achieving the SE Vision - Oil and Gas For broadening INCOSE’s portfolio into the non-traditional domains and to recognize the amazing progress they have made in a short period of time.

Working Group Award Recipients for 2016

Outreach - Critical Infrastructure Protection and Recovery WG For exemplary outreach while engaging INCOSE with organizations pursuing critical infrastructure protection.
Outreach - Young INCOSE Special Interest Group For bringing an excellent initiative to INCOSE, to bridge the gap between the average member and the young systems engineering professionals, by creating a platform to develop their network and share new ideas that can improve our discipline.
Sustained Performance - MBSE Initiative For the sustained performance, over several years, of promoting, teaching and truly demonstrating the value of Model Based Systems Engineering methodologies to INCOSE members and Engineers at large.
Product of the Year - Complex Systems WG For leading the collaborative development, review and publication of "A Complexity Primer for Systems Engineers" which will serve as a gateway into complexity management and systems engineering for INCOSE members and engineers at large.
Achieving the SE Vision - MBSE (Michigan Chapter) For recognition of the outstanding efforts made in revitalizing the Michigan Chapter’s MBSE Working Group. The combined efforts of working group members have shown tenacity, vision, and leadership in innovative solutions to address real needs of chapter members unable to be satisfied elsewhere and nurturing continuing professional development of its members.
Collaboration - Systems Security Engineering WG For the efforts of the SSE WG to collaborate with National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on “Systems Security Engineering, Considerations for a Multidisciplinary Approach in the Engineering of Trustworthy Secure Systems NIST Special Publication 800-160”. Acknowledged by NIST as follows: “We would also like to extend our sincere appreciation to … the International Council on Systems Engineering for their ongoing support for the systems security engineering project.”

Working Group Award Recipients for 2015

Outreach - Measurement WG For helping to connect the Systems Engineering and Project Management communities with the publication of the Project Manager's Guide to Systems Engineering Measurement for Project Success
Sustained Performance - Requirements WG For continued high performance in the development of the first major revision of the Guide for Writing Requirements which provides greater richness in examples of how to write textual requirements while ensuring consistency with the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook version 4 and ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015
Product of the Year - Product Lines WG For the translation of the Systems Product Line Engineering Handbook from French to English which now enables both French & English speaking people around the world to easily learn and quickly benefit from this important best practice
Achieving the SE Vision - Standards Initiatives ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 WG7 For the persistent and steadfast representation of INCOSE and the Systems Engineering community which was required to update and edit the standard into the harmonized ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015 – Systems and software engineering — System life cycle processes

Working Group Award Recipients for 2014

Collaboration - Healthcare WG
For significantly increasing the participation of experts in Healthcare globally, for strengthening collaboration between INCOSE and both government and non-government agencies, and for taking the lead to respond to the US Presidential report on healthcare.
Outreach - Very Small Entity WG
For sustained outreach and product contributions as well as support to INCOSE strategic objectives of VSEs throughout the globe. The fact that several countries are now standardizing the first VSE documents drafted by the VSEWG is a testament to their impactful outreach efforts.
Achieving the SE Vision - Space Systems WG
For establishing MBSE as a fundamental component of the Cubesat model while simultaneously promoting the INCOSE brand throughout the Space Industry.
Product of the Year - Knowledge Management WG
For creating the SE handbook Version 4.0, an outstanding INCOSE Product that will continue to foster world-wide advancement of the discipline of Systems Engineering.

Working Group Award Recipients for 2013

Sustained Performance - Systems Security Engineering WG
For providing exemplary value to INCOSE stakeholders in raising awareness of a critical topic and making contributions to Systems Security Engineering over the past four years in three specially themed issues of INCOSE INSIGHT, organizing security panels at International Symposia, and new contributions to the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook.
Collaboration - Training WG
For the development, delivery, and Management of the portfolio of INCOSE webinars, tutorials, and presentations in collaboration with Chapters and other Working Groups.
Collaboration - System of Systems WG
For the pain point survey engaging INCOSE with NDIA and the European T-Area SoS research work to produce an important asset which is a key enabler for collaboration with the wider SoS community.
Sustained Performance - Model-Based Conceptual Design (Australian Chapter) WG
For annual Model-Based Systems Engineering Symposia in Australia from 2011 to 2013, focusing on model-based concept engineering, and for the ongoing contributions to advancing ontology, the pain point survey, and model-centric acquisition.

Working Group Award Recipients for 2012

Collaboration - Lean Systems Engineering WG / Lean Enabler for PM Sub Group
For the fruitful collaboration with PMI and MIT to produce the first document which bridges SE, PM and Lean with the release of “The Guide to Lean Enablers for Managing Engineering Programs” in May 2012.
Collaboration - SESA / Australian Chapter
The SESA / Australian Chapter, in collaboration with INCOSE Central, signed an MOU broadening the original SESA activity to establish a new Working Group on Model Based Concept Design. Joint conferences were held in 2012 with APCOSE /SETE in Brisbane and the MBSE Workshop in Adelaide.
Achieving the SE Vision - UK Chapter
The UK Chapter has innovated and championed a systems engineering competency framework that is now an INCOSE technical product and the baseline for the work of the INCOSE Competency WG.
Sustained Performance - SE for VSME WG
For the efforts over several years to produce the SE for VSME ISO standard, with members of INCOSE and AFIS leading the effort to form ISO/IEC SC7 WG24 and manage the drafting and editing process, leading to products useful for Very Small and Micro Entities producing systems independently, but also as suppliers to large systems engineering organizations.
Sustained Performance - Requirements WG
The Guide for Writing Requirements document informs the expression of textual requirements in a single, comprehensive set of characteristics and rules. It makes a significant step towards the development of a requirements engineering ontology and is thus a major contribution to the field of systems engineering.
Sustained Performance - Systems Science WG
The Systems Science Working Group (SSWG) continues to nurture a deeper understanding of the science of systems engineering. The SSWG has and continues to produce and publish a growing body of technical data across multiple project topics, freely accessible to review and critique by the larger systems community. Recent discussion threads number in the hundreds of contributions on the most foundational considerations of standards relating to the very nature of systems. Vetting standard definitions and understanding of systems has engendered the participation of leading thinkers in the INCOSE community and beyond.
Product of the Year - BKCASE / SEBoK & GRCSE
For the strong support of Tech Ops participants in the BKCASE project and the successful release of the Guide for Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) on 14 Sep 2012 and the Graduate Reference Curriculum for Systems Engineering (GRCSE) on 15 Dec 2012.

Working Group Award Recipients for 2011

Collaboration - Systems Engineering Effectiveness WG
For initiative and leadership in collaborating with NDIA and IEEE to survey, analyze and report on the impact of systems engineering processes and practices on project performance, thereby quantitatively demonstrating the value of systems engineering.
Contributing to the SE Vision - AFIS Chapter
For the outstanding contribution of AFIS to evolve the Systems Engineering Vision, and for demonstrating international collaboration within INCOSE for the benefit of the broader Systems Engineering community.
Outreach - Infrastructure WG
In recognition for the Outreach efforts to the global construction industry by developing a Systems Engineering Guidebook for Infrastructure.
Outreach - SE for Very Small and Micro Entities (VSME) WG
For sustained work and dedication to establishing and managing a WG in support of the INCOSE mission, and specifically, to reach out within and outside INCOSE to advance the state-of-the-art and practice of Systems Engineering in small, very small and micro entities.
Outreach - Biomedical WG
For exceptional effort and growing international outreach on behalf of the Biomedical Working Group to significantly expand the awareness of and value of INCOSE among biomedical industry associations and to establish collaborative initiatives to advance systems engineering practices in the biomedical/healthcare industry.
Collaboration - In-Service Systems WG
For their contribution on restructuring Applying Systems Engineering to In-Service Systems.
Collaboration - Lean Systems Engineering WG
For leading the collaborative effort between PMI, the MIT Lean Advancement Initiative, and INCOSE CAB companies to develop the Lean Enablers for Program Management and bridge the gap between program management and systems engineering.
Collaboration - Snake River Chapter
For initiative and leadership in reorganizing the Systems Engineering Handbook version 3.1 content to integrate topics, remove verbatim replication, and resolve inconsistencies, in collaboration with the Handbook editors to produce version 3.2.

Working Group Award Recipients for 2010

Motor Sports WG
For accelerating Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics learning by establishing a systems context and increasing student enthusiasm with motor sports examples.
TRAK (The Rail Architecture Framework)
For their outstanding effort in developing transportation architecting, the TRAK implementation team has developed a rigorous, customer focused open source architecture framework and the team has ensured that the framework is available as an open source product, developing a clear governance process, to ensure that the framework remains focused on transportation user needs.
SE for Very Small & Micro Entities WG
For collaborative effort and dedication towards establishing and managing a WG in support of the INCOSE mission on Small, Very Small and Micro-sized Enterprises.
Requirements WG
For the development and release of “Guide to Writing Requirements” for all INCOSE Members as a guide to express requirements clearly and precisely as text once they have been discovered, and in a form convenient for further analysis.
Measurement WG
For multiple contributions that advance the state of the art in systems engineering measurement, specifically the measurement process section of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook version 3.2, the Systems Engineering Leading Indicators Guide version 2, and a significant revision of the Systems Engineering Measurement Primer, the Product of the Year.
Lean Systems Engineering WG
For the Lean Systems Working Group's Sustained Performance in the development of Lean Systems Engineering practices.
Resilient Systems WG
For exceptional work and sustained outreach both internally and externally to INCOSE to advance the resilience of systems.
Architecture WG
For exceptional work and international cooperation with the IEEE to advance academic research in Systems Engineering Architecture.
MBSE Initiative (Telescope Modeling Challenge Team with Space System WG)
For exceptional work and dedication in establishing and managing the Challenge Team in support of the INCOSE mission, and specifically, to reach out within and outside INCOSE to advance the state-of-the- practice of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).

Working Group Award Recipients for 2009

Lean Systems Engineering WG
For developing the new body of knowledge called Lean Systems Engineering, and a major enabling product called Lean Enablers for Systems Engineering, created to strengthen the practice of Systems Engineering with the wisdom of Lean Thinking.
Model Driven Design WG
For their professional contributions, personal efforts and over a decade of effort to bring ISO10303-AP233 to fruition as the enabler for information exchange in an integrated Model Based Systems Engineering environment.
Biomedical WG
For exceptional work and dedication to establishing and managing a WG in support of the INCOSE mission, and specifically, to advance the state-of-the-art and practice of Systems Engineering in the Biomedical industry worldwide.

Working Group Award Recipients for 2008

Infrastructure WG
For making the most significant contribution to the development of INCOSE in a non-aerospace/defense domain and/or outside of the USA.
Requirements WG
For the development and release of REGAL for all INCOSE Members as a guide to techniques and good practices in Requirements and SE.
Global Earth Observation System of Systems WG (GEOSS)
For achieving the Systems Engineering Vision of systems enterprise globalization and the expansion of SE into complex, multi-nation systems.
Human Systems Integration WG
For exemplary dedication to generating and disseminating vital Human Systems Integration information and in establishing professional collaborative relationships. Their accomplishments promote INCOSE’s stature as the preeminent SE professional society.
Space Systems WG
For exemplary collaboration in working with other INCOSE Working Groups, a broad set of stakeholders, and for leadership in a vibrant MBSE Challenge team in an effort to strengthen INCOSE and improve the practice of SE.
Anti-Terrorism International WG
For sustained performance in the application of systems engineering to combat international natural disaster events and terrorist attacks.

Working Group Award Recipients for 2007

Requirements WG
In recognition of the sustained performance, passion, and leadership in the area of Requirements.
Intelligent Transportation & Transit WG
For exemplifying INCOSE's outreach effort, by engaging an international ground transportation and transit systems community in promoting the use of systems engineering.
For vigorous and effective action to help realize the Systems Engineering Vision in the area of Model-Based Systems Engineering.
SE Handbook Team
For creating the SE Handbook Version 3.1, an outstanding INCOSE product that will continue to foster world-wide advancement of the discipline of Systems Engineering.
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