SE Transformation


INCOSE Accelerates the transformation of systems engineering to a model-based discipline.

Build a broad community that promotes and advances model-based engineering and the role that model-based systems engineering plays in it.

Accelerate the transformation to a model-based discipline:

  • Advance and mature the MBSE Practice
  • Mainstream Model Based Systems Engineering
  • Evolve to a cohesive MBSE language, applicable to multiple domains
  • Promote and advance the role of MBSE in global Model Based Engineering (MBE)
  • Connect to other MBE cross domain standards like Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Get authoritative information on MBSE out to practitioners and the broader community
  • Infuse MBSE into SEBoK
  • Align with SE Vision 2025 (see page 38-39)


  • Model-based systems engineering has grown in popularity as a way to deal with the limitations of document-based approaches, but is still in an early stage of maturity similar to the early days of CAD/CAE


  • Formal systems modeling is standard practice for specifying, analyzing, designing, and verifying systems, and is fully integrated with other engineering models. System models are adapted to the application domain, and include a broad spectrum of models for representing all aspects of systems.  The use of internet-driven knowledge representation and immersive technologies enable highly efficient and shared human understanding of systems in a virtual environment that span the full life cycle from concept through development, manufacturing, operations and support.

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See the MBSE Initiative for information pertaining to MBSE activities.

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Troy A. Peterson

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