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A better world through a systems approach

Future of Systems Engineering

Emerging Challenges

The future environment is becoming:

  • More dynamic and nondeterministic
  • Increasingly evolutionary, with an accelerating rate of change
  • Resource constrained driving a need for sustainability
  • Highly interactive among individuals, communities, organizations, and systems

There are growing expectations for system engineering solutions:

  • Increased level of functionality providing more comprehensive solutions
  • Higher order of intelligence and adaptability augmenting human performance
  • Greater level of connectivity and interoperability across and between systems
  • Trust, safety, and cybersecurity of digital representations
  • Increased inclusivity, growing the scale and scope of solutions

Emerging technologies provide opportunities to enhance the practice of system engineering:

  • Machine Learning
  • Autonomous Physical Systems
  • 3D Printing, Genomics
  • Quantum and Nano Technology
  • Biomimicry
  • Complexity Science
  • Systems Sciences
  • Data Science (Big Data)
  • Smart Everything
  • Connected Everything (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity

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  1. FuSE Roadmap
  2. Projects of FuSE

Charter of FuSE

Purpose: Evolve the practice, instruction and perception of system engineering to:

1)  Position SE to leverage new technologies in collaboration with allied fields
2)  Enhance SE’s ability to solve the emerging challenges
3)  Promote SE as essential for achieving success and delivering value

Goal: Create a road map that drives the evolution of SE to:

1)  be increasingly adaptable, evolvable and fit for purpose
2)  account for human abilities, needs as an integral system element and their interactions with a system
3)  be more responsive in resolving increasingly challenging societal needs
4)  realize and enhance Systems Engineering Vision 2025 and other visionary inputs

Scope: Identify the needs, priorities and means for transforming SE including:

1)  underlying foundations, systems theory and principles
2)  people, methods, tools, processes, education and training
3)  the future social and ethical duties, contributions, and responsibilities of future systems engineers

Planned Outcomes of FuSE

  • The SE community is focused on realising the Systems Engineering Vision 2025 and beyond
  • The SE community is aligned to the common goals of the FuSE road map
  • Our road map is the point of differentiation for the future of SE
  • Our road map forms the focal point for SE transformational activities
  • INCOSE is positioned to monitor progress against the road map and adapts it to the emerging needs of the SE community