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Trainer perspective on the SEP Certification: Becky Reed, ESEP

Sep 17, 2022
Mrunmayi Joshi
Here is an interview with  Becky Reed of Reed Integration, Inc. which talks about her experience and perspective as a trainer on the SEP Certification. Happy SEPtember!

Becky Reed

 This interview was done in 2022.

Q1. What is your current role/position?

» I am the President/CEO, and Owner/Founder of Reed Integration, Inc. 

Q2. What is one of your proudest professional achievements?

» My proudest professional achievement is helping hundreds of people across many different industries learn about the importance, value, and impact of systems engineering. 

Q3. What skills do you think a systems engineer best learns through training?
» Hands-on, direct application of knowledge in our courses has shown that concept development, planning, requirements definition, risk management, functional analysis/ synthesis, IV&V planning, and a few specialty analysis methods can be learned very well through training programs.

Q4. What guidance/training do you provide students regarding systems engineering and SEP certification?
» We offer knowledge exam preparation training, application reviews, career coaching/mentoring, and a wide variety of SE courses and professional certificate programs.

Q5. What motivated you to provide these trainings?
»  My involvement with INCOSE for more than 25 years, my participation in the beginning of the SEP programs, and my entire career where I have repeatedly seen the value of SE skills applied to any program has motivated me to provide these trainings.

Q6. What methods do you use to provide these trainings effectively?
» All methods - virtual now but many in-person programs were provided for years pre-pandemic.

Q7. How do you continue to learn about Systems engineering? What developmental activities do you do?
» My company supports/provides training and events for the local Hampton Roads INCOSE chapter and I try to attend the IS when possible.

Q8. How can we reach out to you?
» You can reach me at : https://www.linkedin.com/in/becky-reed-esep-70a0802/

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