Systems Engineering Certification

Demonstrating knowledge and experience in the practice of Systems Engineering

Certification Agreements

University Agreements 

INCOSE continues to expand the reach and influence of its certification program through the establishment of agreements with key strategic partners. These relationships may allow candidates to save money, to get credit for requirements for certification, or to get equivalency to INCOSE Certification.  If your organization wants to investigate establishing an agreement related to INCOSE certification, please contact the INCOSE Certification Program Office. 
INCOSE is not signing new corporate agreements in 2023 but may restart this program in the future. In its place, INCOSE is developing an award program to recognize companies with demonstrated commitment and support of INCOSE Certification. Details will be announced in mid-2023.
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University agreements are also called Academic Equivalencies. They are the result of INCOSE’s determination that a university’s coursework may serve as an alternative to the INCOSE knowledge exam. There is no cost to set up a university agreement, although membership in the Corporate Advisory Board (or local chapter equivalent, plus fee) is required. 

INCOSE also has agreements with other certification programs and with individual INCOSE chapters. In all cases, the goal is to reduce duplication of effort by INCOSE certification candidates and assessors. 

Academic Equivalency Programs

What are they?

An academic equivalency is an arrangement between INCOSE and a university that enables students to prove their knowledge of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook without taking the INCOSE knowledge exam. Students in approved programs may be able to bypass the knowledge exam on their path to becoming an Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) or Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP).

Academic Equivalencies require a university to show how it assesses student knowledge. These assessments may be offered in any language and in a variety of formats, including quizzes, projects, and oral presentations.

Academic Equivalency Overview

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Current Equivalency Programs

INCOSE has recognized more than 12 university programs. These universities have approved Academic Equivalency Programs for their coursework. Students who score well enough in the required courses, taken during the effective dates of the equivalency, may bypass the INCOSE knowledge exam when applying for ASEP or CSEP certification. Interested individuals should contact the universities directly to learn which courses are required and what minimum score in each course is required.  



Course Location(s)

Effective Dates

Point of Contact



Online and in-person

Fort Collins, CO, USA

August 2020 – PresentDr. Thomas

Online and in-person

Ithaca, NY, USA

June 2018 - Present

Jessica Beebe


Online and in-person

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Fall 2019 - Present

Rick Grandrino


Fairfax, Virginia, USA
 January 2022 - Present John Shortle



Los Angeles, California, USA

August 2023 - PresentGustavo Vejarano


Online and in-person

Rolla, MO, USA

August 2018 - Present

Dr. Cihan Dagli



Online and in-person

Monterey, CA, USA

January 2020 - Present

Dr. Heidi Hahn


West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
 January 2022 - Present Kat Burkhart
Stevens2022 October 2023 - Present  
University-of-Alabama-in-HuntsvilleOnline and in-person

Huntsville, AL, USA
January 2021 - PresentDale Thomas

University of Detroit Mercy


Detroit, MI, USA

January 2019 - Present

Dr. Darrell Kleinke

 UMBC-primary-logo-RGB Online and in-person

Baltimore, MD, USA
 January 2021 - PresentToby Gouker

OnlineJanuary 2023 - PresentBarry Douglass 
University-of-Michigan-Ann-ArborOnline and in-person

Ann Arbor, MI, USA
February 2020 - PresentDr. Bob Bordley


Online and in-person

Canberra, ACT, Australia

January 2019 - Present

Dr. Sondoss El Sawah




Online and in-person

Worcester, MA, USA

June 2019 - Present

Dr. Donald Gelosh

Administrative Requirements

  • University submits interest in Academic Equivalency through interest form
  • University is a paying member of the INCOSE Academic Council or local INCOSE chapter equivalent
  • INCOSE SE Handbook is required material in course
  • Program has a current INCOSE CSEP or ESEP affiliated 
  • Students get high marks (definition varies by program) in all required courses 
  • Applies to students who start the required courses after the equivalency is granted to those courses 

Technical Requirements

  • University documents their verification methods for student success against the INCOSE knowledge exam learning objectives 
  • Submit the completed learning objectives spreadsheet to
  • Submit additional supporting information as requested by the Certification Advisory Group 
    • May include scoring rubrics and course syllabi 

How do I get one?

Universities interested in getting their programs recognized for future graduates should start by expressing interest through our Smartsheet interest form. They will need to meet the technical and administrative requirements described on this web page. Another presentation of this information is available through Articulate.

Related Certifications



  • Individuals with either NAFEMS or INCOSE certification are eligible for a discount on application fees with the other certification.
  • POC: Ian Symington

    Country-Specific Programs 

    Germany (GfSE) 

    Individuals certified as SEZert Level C or Level B may be recognized as INCOSE ASEP or INCOSE CSEP, respectively. 

    POC: Stephan Stangl


    Individuals in the UK who are interested in INCOSE certification may apply through the INCOSE UK chapter. 

    POC: Lynn Davis 


    Australia (SESA)

    Individuals in Australia who are chartered engineers have a streamlined path to become INCOSE CSEPs. 



    USA (DoD Engineering / DAU)

    Individuals certified at DAU Engineering Level II or Level III may be recognized as INCOSE ASEP or CSEP through a streamlined process. Applicants with Engineering Level III should complete Form 1B to apply for CSEP.

    DAU certification streamlined path


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