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INCOSE Chapter Perspective on Academic Equivalency: Raquel Hoffmann, CSEP

Sep 20, 2022
Mrunmayi Joshi
Here is an interview with Raquel Hoffmann the Point of Contact for Academic Equivalency at INCOSE Brazil which talks about her experience and perspective as promoter of the academic equivalency program. Happy SEPtember! 

Raquel Hoffman

This interview was done in 2022.

Q1. What is your role related to INCOSE’s Academic Equivalency?

» I am currently supporting the certification board at the INCOSE Brazil chapter. My goal is to facilitate academic equivalency for institutions in Brazil.

Q2. What is one of your proudest professional achievements?

» My proudest professional achievement is being recognized for my knowledge of Systems Engineering and applying it to different projects and teams without SW knowledge.

Q3. What skills do you think a systems engineer should develop during their education?

» Critical thinking, systemic views, collaborative work, communication, and, more important, listening and feeling what stakeholders and peers are trying to communicate are the skills to be developed by a Systems Engineer during their education.

Q4. What was your motivation behind promoting the academic equivalency program?

» The motivation from my side is to increase the SE community in Brazil and facilitate access to the certification path. I believe the universities also want to offer this equivalency as an added value for the students.

Q5. What do you see as the benefits of the academic equivalency program for a university and a student?

» For the university, I believe it is beneficial to have a harmonized education about the SE Handbook and all related contents and more involvement with INCOSE and professionals. For students, it is an extra motivation and directly returns to the professional under construction.

Q6. What is your advice for universities or institutes considering applying for academic equivalency?» Promote professionals already certified and experienced to inspire new students.
Q7. How can we reach out to you?

» You can reach me at : https://www.linkedin.com/in/raquel-hoffmann-429aa124/

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