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Trainer perspective on the SEP Certification: Michael Johnson, CSEP

Sep 24, 2022
Mrunmayi Joshi
Here is an interview with Michael Johnson of SE-Training GmbH which talks about his experience and perspective as a trainer on the SEP Certification. Happy SEPtember!

Michael Johnson

 This interview was done in 2022.

Q1. What is your current role/position?

» I am the Co-Founder, Trainer and Coach at SE-Training GmbH.

Q2. What is one of your proudest professional achievements?

» My proudest achievement is development and delivery of a space telescope for Mars (CaSSIS on the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter) within a very short time.

Q3. What skills do you think a systems engineer best learns through training?
» The essence of Systems Engineering, hence the actual useful and pragmatic application of the methods and processes can be best learnt by a systems engineer through trainings.

Q4. What guidance/training do you provide students regarding systems engineering and SEP certification?
» Our courses are consistent with the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook. We provide an overview of SEP Certification. We provide additional support and guidance to attendees who pursue SEP certification.

Q5. What motivated you to provide these trainings?
» As a Systems Engineering manager for over 10 years, I saw early-on the need for professional development training in Systems Engineering in both my teams and in adjacent organizations. I began by delivering the courses internally at the Space company I was working for at the time, the need was then validated by the response of the attendees, notably their managers' positive feedback. 

Q6. What methods do you use to provide these trainings effectively?
» We provide these trainings through: lectures, individual activities, activities in groups of 2 to 3, and moderated workshop. 

Q7. How do you continue to learn about Systems engineering? What developmental activities do you do?
» I continue learning about Systems engineering predominantly through the Systems Engineering networks, friends are often asking for support on novel topics. 

Q8. How can we reach out to you?
» You can reach me at :  https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikejohnson1981/
 The LinkedIn page of SE-Training GmbH is : https://www.linkedin.com/company/se-training/

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