Cascade Chapter Lunch and Learn #5

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MY Systems Engineering JOURNEY **An Interactive Discussion**:
Share members experiences in the Systems Engineering journey

What brought you to INCOSE? What type of SE are you? What do you WANT to gain from collaborating with others in the Cascade Chapter? What would you like to share with others? 

We'll use this month's meeting to learn about the people who make up our Chapter by sharing experiences - while also helping us determine what is helpful to you in your professional development journey to help us improve our monthly talks and topics for 2020-2021. 

For the August meeting... we've tee-d up a few members to share their journeys. We are requesting YOU to do the same! Note: if you've ever attended or wanted to attend a chapter meeting... you are included!


If you'd like to share, please submit your text or slide to our Chapter President, Susan Ronning ([email protected]), to add to our slide deck or just join the conversation! 

Template slide available here: 


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