Welcome to The Latin America Chapter

Welcome To The Latin America Chapter

INCOSE Latam serves as the premier systems engineering professional society for the Latin American region. We welcome all INCOSE members and individuals that are interested in joining our INCOSE Latam Chapter's activities.


Contact us at [email protected] to get involved!

Chapter Activities

LATAM Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in Helping us in the consolidation of the SE LATAM community?

  • Our Chapter is needing your help for organizing  events (webinars, tutorials, etc), and mentoring the new generations of systems engineers.

LATAM webinars

Are you an experienced Systems Engineer interested in sharing your knowledge with the LATAM community?

  • Send us your proposal

LATAM Chapter Network

Are you or your company interested in being inserted in LATAM SE community?

  • INCOSE Latam has different options for integration and insertion.

Career Center

Did you know INCOSE offers a systems engineering career board?

  • Whether you are seeking new opportunities or want to recruit systems engineering talent to your organization, visit INCOSE Careers Center 

Systems Engineering Certification

Are you a Systems Engineer wanting to be certified?

Do not hesitate to contact any of our members to learn more.

Our Upcoming Event

Zoom Link:


Meeting ID: 823 5368 8078

Passcode: 379830

Speaker Bio: Iris Monserrat Urbina Casas, MBA 

Iris Monserrat Urbina Casas is an outstanding professional from Mexico City with a solid background in business intelligence and marketing. She led the Business Intelligence area at TERAN TBWA for 3 years, where she was instrumental in the development and execution of data strategies that drive the success of advertising campaigns for more than 30 clients in various sectors, including products and services, retail, construction, alcoholic beverages, consumer goods, and automotive. Recently, she joined as Product Owner Manager for the Tiendas 3B project’s office. 

Monserrat is a professional in Industrial Engineering and holds postgraduate studies in Systems Engineering from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), with a focus on participatory planning, a Master's in Project Management from Universidad del Valle de México (UVM), and is currently pursuing a Master's in Applied Artificial Intelligence from Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM). Additionally, Monserrat has had a parallel career as a lecturer since 2015 in the Faculty of Engineering at UNAM within the Division of Social Sciences and Humanities. 

Engage With The INCOSE Community

Our Past Events

INCOSE LatAm: Systems Thinking for Sustainability

INCOSE LatAm: Model-Based Safety Analysis for the aerospace industry

INCOSE LatAm: Model-Based Systems Engineering with the ISE&PPOOA methodology

Core Team

Contact the chapter leaders at [email protected]

Adrián Unger



Jaime Robles



Walter Allaltune



Alejandro Morquecho



Paulina Torres



Pablo Meilán



Misael González




How To Join Us

If you are interested in joining INCOSE and making LATAM your chapter, please follow these steps:

  1. Review the types of memberships and choose what is best for you.
  2. Make sure to check if you qualify for a PPP2 or PPP3 discount depending on your country of origin. See the table here.
  3. Visit this link and follow the instructions
  4. When asked about your chapter preference, select "LatAm"
  5. Welcome to INCOSE and INCOSE Latam!
  6. Make sure to join the conversation on our social media channels below

How To Connect With Us

Find out more by visiting the  LATIN AMERICA YAMMER  community today! 

Yammer is INCOSE's social media platform for members. Use your INCOSE-issued Microsoft credential to login and join the conversation. INCOSE credentials are in the form of [email protected] or [email protected].   


You can also join us on social media:

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Find out more by visiting the  LATIN AMERICA YAMMER  community today!

Yammer is INCOSE's social media platform for members. Use your INCOSE-issued Microsoft credential to login and join the conversation. INCOSE credentials are in the form of [email protected] or [email protected].   

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