The Internet of Things (IoT)

Come join us for a panel discussion on the Internet of Things (IoT) Technology in the context of HVAC controls and Building Automate Systems (BAS) applications. From hospitals, to retail stores, to restaurants, to office buildings, to schools, to military bases, to “green buildings”. 


6:15 pm Networking with Pizza
6:45 pm Welcome and Chapter Updates by President Michele Zoromski
7:00 pm Introduction by Sean McCoy, Senior Systems Engineer at Trane
8:30 pm Adjourn

Systems Engineering in the context of Building Automation and Building Management with experiences using Agile Processes and System Engineering
“Internet of Things (IoT) applied to HVAC controls and Building Automate Systems (BAS)”…
 A team from the Systems Engineering group at Trane will lead a presentation on the application of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in the context of HVAC controls and BAS applications. From hospitals, to retail stores, to restaurants, to office buildings, to schools, to military bases, to “green buildings”, to FDA-compliant environment and process control, today’s Building Automation Systems are required to interoperate with other systems via IoT technology in a variety of complex ways.
 Sean McCoy – Sean is a Senior Systems Engineer at Trane. He received is CSEP last fall, has 13 patents, is a 6-Sigma black belt, and has over 33 years of experience designing and building software systems; 20 of those at Trane developing Building Automation Systems. Sean’s most recent assignment was leading the development effort for the Requirements Management, Process Automation, and Test Management tools in PTC Integrity. In his spare time, Sean likes to play guitar and can often be seen at Rock Camp for Dads events.

 David Holst – For the past 5 years, David has been undertaken a primary role as ‘Systems Architect’ within Trane Intelligent Services, along with the roles of agile coach, engineering manager, change agent, and a few others.  Previous gigs have included 11 years as director of software development in the broadcast and media domain, developing highly scalable and reliable websites including (Athens / Torino Olympics).  At the peak, our websites handled over half a billion page views per month.  David has also spent over 9 years in the high performance supercomputing domain.  In his spare time, David enjoys volunteering as an audio engineer, is a volunteer leader for autistic youth, and can occasionally be found annoying his family with his bass guitar.

Bryan Kinney – Bryan is a software developer at Trane.  Bryan has a degree in Computer Engineering with 23 years of software development experience 13 of which are in the HVAC industry.  Bryan leads the mobile team at Trane.  Bryan is an avid runner and cyclist who is known to run outside regardless of weather conditions.

 Apurva Mohan - Apurva is a Principal Cyber Security Engineer at Ingersoll Rand, where he helps with improving the security of their product and service offerings. His areas of interest include cyber security for application areas like internet of things, cloud computing, mobile computing, data protection, and cyber-physical systems. He has published more than 20 research papers at leading international security conferences and has co-authored few high impact industry white papers. He has served as a co-chair for numerous international conferences and workshops including IEEE CTS 2014 and 2015, CPS Week 2016, IEEE DCOSS 2014 (CPS-Sec), IEEE CNS 2016 (CPS-Sec). As part of his community service, Apurva has served on the Technical Program Committees of more than 2 dozen internal conferences, and as a reviewer for leading IEEE journals. He received his masters’ and PhD in ECE focusing on cyber security from Georgia Tech, where he was a TI:GER fellow.

Udhaya Kumar Dayalan – Udhay is a Building Controls Systems Engineer at Trane. Udhay has filed 3 patents, is a 6-Sigma Green Belt, is a Linux Foundation Certified Engineer, and has over 8 years of experience in technically leading multiple platforms at Trane. Udhay contributes to technical forums on questions related to technology. In regular time, Udhay likes to code and develop stuff and in his spare time, Udhay likes to code and develop stuff.

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