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Welcome to the North Texas Chapter

The North Texas Chapter of INCOSE (International Council of System Engineering) is centered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of North Texas and is open to those interested or practicing systems engineering.  

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Promote, educate, and mentor on Systems Engineering standards and practices to strengthen the North Texas Systems Engineering industry.


Serve as a professional organization that is the regional focal point for Systems Engineering resources, development, and awareness, in order to create a better world.

Chapter Meetings

Call for Ambassadors

The chapter is looking for people willing to host chapter meetings at remote sites. If you are interested contact the Vice President of Chapter Development,

Program meetings typically 2nd Tuesday of month
Time: 6:00-7:00 CST
Networking at 5:30

Physical Locations

*Bell Helicopter
*L-3Harris - Greenville
*Lockheed Martin Aero- Fort Worth
*Lockheed Martin MFC- Grand Prairie
*Raytheon- McKinney

Remote Program Access
Teams (Video/Audio) - Click here to join the meeting.
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The meetings are not recorded. Presentations are posted in the library and resources during the following weekend if we receive the presentation.

Board meetings typically 1st Tuesday of month
Time: 5:30-7:00 CST

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Library & Resources 

for information and presentations from past meetings.

Chapter Events

Join us for our 12 December 2023 Chapter meeting featuring:

Mini-presentation "Systems Engineering at the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs)", by Paul White
Abstract. Discussion on how systems engineering has played an integral role in our nation’s ICBM capabilities. We will show how digital engineering is a game changer in modern engineering practices, particularly with the Sentinel program.

Main Presentation "A Decade of Digital Engineering Research", by Mark Blackburn
Abstract. This session discusses a broad range of experiences with modeling in general, including Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and Model-Based Engineering (MBE), now often referred to as Digital Engineering. The session covers the research conducted through the Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) spanning the last decade for the US Navy (NAVAIR), US Army (Armaments Center) and US Space Force research sponsors. The presentation shares key demonstrations of experiments that have had significant outcomes for the sponsors. We discuss the research in chronological order starting from the NAVAIR Systems Engineering Transformation, and provides descriptions of the outcomes in terms of three case studies for each sponsor. This includes using these case studies to illustrate the concepts aligned with the DoD Digital Engineering Strategy such as an Authoritative Source of Truth that support Collaboration with a new operational paradigm between government and industry, leveraging new technologies such as computationally-enabled ontologies to enable cross-domain model interoperability, digital signoffs, and the latest workforce develop training results that are being used to transition the research to our sponsors.
Bio. Mark R. Blackburn, Ph.D. is a Senior Research Scientist with Stevens Institute of Technology since 2011 and principal at KnowledgeBytes. Dr. Blackburn has been the Principal Investigator (PI) on 18 System Engineering Research Center (SERC) research tasks for both US Navy NAVAIR, US Army Armaments Center and US Space Force on Digital Engineering Transformation Research Tasks. He has also been PI on a FAA NextGen and National Institute of Standards and Technology projects and has received research funding from the National Science Foundation. He develops and teaches a course on Systems Engineering for Cyber Physical Systems. He is a member of the SERC Research Council, OpenMBEE Leadership Team and INCOSE Pattern Working Group focused on the Semantic Technologies for Systems Engineering initiative. Prior to joining Stevens, Dr. Blackburn worked in industry for more than 25 years. He has been the Principal Investigator to the National Institute of Standards and Technology on projects dating back to 2000 involving model-based tools and methods for verification and validation of security-related products and applications. Dr. Blackburn holds a Ph.D. from George Mason University, a M.S. in Mathematics (emphasis in C.S.) from Florida Atlantic University, and a B.S. in Mathematics (C.S. option) from Arizona State University

Upcoming INCOSE Events

INCOSE 34th Annual International Symposium 2024 - Dublin, Ireland

INCOSE IW 2024 - Torrance, CA USA

Chapter News


North Texas Chapter has received the INCOSE Silver Circle award for 2022

The Silver Circle Award recognizes chapters adopting best practices and performing to the highest goals and standards established by our organization.

For many, chapters provide the primary day-to-day interface with INCOSE.  Chapters organize technical and social programs, communicate key information about our organization and discipline, support technical activities, and enhance the member experience by facilitating an open, inviting environment where members receive valued products and services that enhance their careers. In fulfilling this mission, the North Texas Chapter leaders and members have committed significant time and energy to further the goals of our organization.  

High quality, vibrant chapters are essential in INCOSE’s drive to enrich, educate, and enlighten the INCOSE membership while improving recognition of INCOSE and the systems engineering profession. The Sector Directors and INCOSE extend heartfelt congratulations, thanks and appreciation to the North Texas Chapter for its contributions towards attaining these goals.

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