Free Jeopardy Game Preparation for the CSEP/ASEP Testing

Free Jeopardy Game Preparation for the CSEP/ASEP Testing

May 2 , Loyola Marymount University (LMU), Los Angeles, 6 p.m.

Attendance via webex possible, contact John Poladian, [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>,  a day ahead for the info.
Cost: none
What:  Workshop description

Stephen Guine, CSEP (LA INCOSE Chapter Ways and Means Director) will be the game show host for a "Jeopardy Style" quiz game offering questions and answers relating to the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook (v4).  The basis for the exam required for the INCOSE ASEP and CSEP certification levels.

As part of the culmination of INCOSE-LA’s certification prep effort, we offer a Systems Engineering version of Jeopardy to help potential test takers (and non-test takers) gauge their readiness for the ASEP/CSEP test.

Some of you may have seen a predecessor of this game at the Quality Symposium. This version has been enhanced with terms and definitions directly from the INCOSE Handbook v4.0. We have also included reference tags in the “questions”, so the participants will know exactly where to look for additional study information.

The purpose of this event is to be both fun and enlightening. Although the structure of Jeopardy is “Answer/Question,” the activity and takeaway is to ensure that not only do we know the book definitions, but that we then know what these activities and artifacts mean in the real-world execution of systems engineering, regardless of domain.

Hope to see you there, and feel free to forward the invitation. (Maybe there will be snacks. No promises.)

Directions to LMU:
LMU Pereira Hall, Room 140
1 LMU Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90045

From LAX airport, take Sepulveda (1) north, then jog left onto Lincoln Blvd.  Over the hill, turn right onto LMU Drive.
CAMPUS ENTRANCE:   Please use the Lincoln Blvd. campus entrance. (North of Manchester Blvd).  The Loyola Blvd. entrance has restricted access.
On Campus Directions:
From the security officer at the entrance, continue until you hit a T intersection (the new library, a roundish white building, is on your left).  Turn left.  This road will wind around past the Sacred Heart Chapel.  Continue straight.
When you see the Foley Annex on the right or Sullivan on the left, Pereira is the next building on your left.

Parking: either under the Life Sciences Building across from Pereira (Parking Lot D1 and where the Regional Mini Conference Parking was), or continue past Pereira.  At the round-about, go left, past Hannon Field, Parking Lot A (where there are always unoccupied spaces) is on your right.
LMU has a parking fee policy which applies to students, guests, faculty, and staff.  Parking is free on weekends and University Holidays.

LMU Parking maps are here:

The LMU interactive campus map may be found via:

Please call John Poladian via 714 904-6693 (cell phone) if you need any help.

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