Meeting Speaker Tina Srivastava - Strategies for Complex Systems Development: Program Management and Systems Engineering

Albuquerque , USA
ATA, 1300 Britt Street, SE. Also GlobalMeet7

Abstract: The disciplines of Program Management and Systems Engineering are inherently intertwined. To develop and deliver complex systems, all three sides of the “iron triangle” (cost, schedule, and performance) must be known, traded, and evolved in consideration of the others. When there is tension and confusion over the roles of PMs vs. SEs, programs suffer from deadline overruns and failures. This presentation will introduce the fundamentals of system program management. The target audience includes professionals from both the systems engineering and project management spheres, including those seeking a deeper common understanding and those new to either discipline. Every systems engineer must understand key P3M fundamentals in order to critically evaluate and, when necessary, credibly challenge management on potentially unrealistic expectations related to project cost, schedule, scope, and risk. Advanced methods and tools of project management will be introduced in the context of managing complex projects. Finally, this presentation will discuss strategic issues and scenarios that cannot be fully predicted such as unplanned rework, perceived versus actual progress, and misalignments between work breakdown structures, organizations, and product architectures.

Bio: Dr. Tina P. Srivastava is currently serving on INCOSE’s Board of Directors as Secretary since her election in 2015. Dr. Srivastava received the INCOSE Inaugural David Wright Leadership Award in 2014 for technical and interpersonal competencies in the practice of system engineering as a means for solving the great challenges of our planet. Dr. Srivastava is co-chair of the PM-SE Integration Working Group and is one of the authors and editors of the book Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering.

Dr. Srivastava is an entrepreneur and has held senior engineering leadership and technical management roles across the aerospace, cyber security, and commercial sectors. She was awarded the National Technical Innovation Award as Chief Engineer at Raytheon, leading a team of 30 in the development and deployment of an advanced radar system. Dr. Srivastava earned her S.B., S.M., and Ph.D. from MIT in Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering, Strategy, and Innovation. She is a lecturer at MIT in the areas of aerodynamics, complex systems, technology roadmapping and selection, and aviation. Dr. Srivastava is also an FAA certified pilot.

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