Meeting Speaker Barbara Mills - Enterprise Data Management for System of Systems (SoS)

Albuquerque , USA
ATA, 1300 Britt Street SE,

Abstract: This presentation is about a model-based approach to data design and management for a remote sensing ground station which is being developed as a system of systems.  It is also about the evolution of an enterprise data management approach for that same “system”. 

Bio:  Barbara Mills is a Principal Staff Member at Sandia National Labs in the remote sensing ground station area.  Her focus in this group has been data design/management as well as system architecture.  Her prior position, as technical lead of an OPIR Data Standards group, set the stage for the current data design work.  Barbara received her masters of science in electrical engineering (MSEE) from the University of California, Berkeley and her BSEE from the Ohio State University.  Her experience at SNL has been varied (hardware design, embedded software design, signal processing, data and system design) but all applied to various sensing systems.  In every case some kind of model was created; it is puzzling that complex systems are still created without them.

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