Meeting Speaker: David Long - MBSE 2.0: The Future of MBSE

Albuquerque , USA
ATA, 1300 Britt Street SE
Ann Hodges
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Abstract: Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is a term that has become "loaded" with meanings – many not intended in the original concept of MBSE, some of them even contradictory with it and with each other. As originally conceived, MBSE was the practice of basing the systems engineering (be that design, redesign or improvement) on a common, shared model of the system design. But the loading down of the term has resulted in confusion in engineering enterprises about what MBSE is and how it is practiced.

There is a path forward – to an MBSE 2.0 where the hurdles and missteps are behind us. In plotting this path, we don’t reject the journey and the progress that has brought us to this point in time. Instead, we embrace them in all their richness – the strengths and successes to reinforce, the challenges to address and resolve. This involves understanding that a broad vocabulary consisting of representations that will communicate to a wide audience of customers and not just to a narrow segment accustomed to one way of representing systems. It requires connecting to a variety of analytical models (e.g.- physics-based performance models) without thinking of them as the systems architecture model that makes systems engineering truly “model-based.”

The path forward is a return to sound systems engineering principles and practices while incorporating and embracing the enrichment derived from the contributions of the sister disciplines of traditional engineering, software development and the advancing world of artificial intelligence. This is a practical reflection with pragmatic guidance to help us deliver against today’s challenges while plotting a path to the greater digital engineering future. Moving towards MBSE 2.0 today allows us to mine the best of systems engineering’s fundamentals and the learning of its future.

Bio:  For over twenty-five years, David Long has focused on helping organizations increase their systems engineering proficiency while simultaneously working to advance the state of the art. David is the founder and president of Vitech where he leads the team in delivering innovative, industry-leading methods and software (CORE™ and GENESYS™) to help organizations engineer next-generation systems.

David is a frequent presenter at industry events worldwide delivering keynotes and tutorials spanning introductory systems engineering, the value of SE, the advanced application of MBSE, digital engineering, and the future of engineering systems. His experiences and efforts led him to co-author the book A Primer for Model-Based Systems Engineering to help spread the fundamental concepts of this key approach to modern challenges.

An INCOSE Fellow and Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP), David was the 2014/2015 president of INCOSE.

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