INCOSE LA Chapter Virtual Meeting: Case Studies in SOS to ROI Transformation

Los Angeles , United States
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Topic:  Case Studies in SOS to ROI Transformation: The Top 5 Mistakes Leaders Make When Battling the Complexity Monster
Speaker:  Larry Haas
When: Tuesday April 14, 2020 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM PST

Cost: Free

Abstract: … modern business and life is complex, and quickly becoming increasingly more so. The financial system is increasingly connected, the geopolitical environment is becoming more tightly coupled, and regulation is an ever-expanding moving target. Moreover, trends in customization, specialization, and personalization are fueling exponential increases in the variety of choices available for purchase (as well as where and how), forcing leaders to scramble.

As a result, public and private institutions are facing an increasingly powerful and growing Complexity Monster that threatens to disrupt the business of getting work done, staying competitive, and thriving. More and more of our organizational systems have gone beyond being just complicated; they have become truly complex.”  From SOS to ROI – a Strategic Approach to Conquer the Complexity Monster and Accelerate Results, (2017).

In this session, Larry Haas, author, and founder and CEO of Global Aperture Inc. will walk us through 3 case studies both inside and outside A&D, and lead a discussion on the top 5 mistakes leaders make when attempting to transform from “distress to success” while battling the so-called Complexity Monster. 

Not only will attendees get a clear definition and picture of complexity, they will also walk away with practical approaches, and applications to help both clients and their own organizations battle complexity both in day to day operations, and when managing strategic change.  

Bio: Larry Haas is the Founder and CEO of Global Aperture LLC, a management consulting firm specializing in helping organizations improve and transform to achieve their strategic goals.   The transformation approach he has developed is featured in his book, SOS to ROI – A Strategic Approach to Conquer the Complexity Monster and Accelerate Results.

As a consultant and speaker, Larry’s work has spanned a cross section of functional areas in industries such as Aerospace and Defense, Agriculture, Services, Corrections, Food and Beverage, Homeland Security, and Non-Profits.

Clients and colleagues often refer to Larry’s “sixth sense” ability to see into situations to clarify the complicated and conquer the complex.  This skill has provided consistently more boldness for leaders, clearly-defined action for teams, and operational and financial impact for organizations. 

Prior to founding Global Aperture, Larry served as a consultant and leader in organizations such as Procter and Gamble, Deloitte, Diamond Consultants (now part of Price Waterhouse Coopers), The Boeing Company, and as an officer and program manager in the United States Air Force.

Larry received his BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Arizona, and his MBA with emphasis in finance and strategy from the UCLA Anderson school.

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