INCOSE-LA Chapter Speaker Meeting: Using Architecture and MBSE to Develop Validated Requirements

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Topic: Using Architecture and MBSE to Develop Validated Requirements

Abstract: Requirements incompleteness and ambiguity continue to plague many organizations. The introduction of MBSE provides an opportunity to relate the structure of the architecture model to the structure of requirements, and synchronize the data between them.

In this presentation we demonstrate how to use model-based systems engineering and the related architecture to develop and validate requirements of all types.

  • We first describe the structure of different types of requirements and map the requirements elements, e.g., function, to elements of the architecture in the
    MBSE model.
  • We show how these requirements elements map to specific data elements in a particular MBSE tool for all possible types of requirements.
  • Finally, we show how this method enables validation of the requirements from the architecture.

Participants will gain an understanding of how to integrate their organizational requirements development and MBSE architecture activities by mapping the data elements between them and integrating these into their MBSE tools.

Speaker: Dr. Ron Carson is an Adjunct Professor of Engineering at Seattle Pacific University, an Affiliate Assistant Professor in Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Washington, a Fellow of the International Council on Systems Engineering, and a certified Expert Systems Engineering Professional.

He retired in 2015 as a Technical Fellow in Systems Engineering after 27 years at The Boeing Company. He is the author of numerous articles regarding requirements analysis and systems engineering measurement. He has been issued six US patents in satellite communications, and two patents regarding “Structured Requirements Generation and Assessment”.

When:  Tuesday June 8, 2021 from 5:45 PM to 7:45 PM PST

Cost: Free

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