INCOSE India Chapter conducted a series of Webinar on various topics of interest. Below is the list of webinars and a link to the videos - 

Sr. No. Date Webinar Speaker Video Link


4 May 2020

Evolving today's engineers to meet society's changing needs

Serge Landry

Webinar link


18 May 2020 (Monday)

The Story of the INCOSE Telescope Challenge Team and the OpenSE Cookbook

Robert Karban

Webinar link


1 June 2020

Who is an Effective Systems Engineer? How can YOU Become One?

Dr. Devanandham Henry

Webinar link


12 June 2020

Resiliency in Systems Engineering

Rick Hefner, PhD

Webinar link


19 June 2020 (Friday)

PHM, Systems Engineering, and Standards

Dr. Ravi Rajamani

Webinar link


29 June 2020 (Monday)

Developing Safety Critical Systems – My Mantras

Dr Yogananda Jeppu

Webinar link


7 July 2020 (Tuesday)

Systematic Vs Systemic - What's the Difference?

Jawahar Bhalla

Webinar link


17 July 2020 (Friday)

Functional Safety - Automotive/Avionic Systems - Session I

Mr. Reveendra Menon

Webinar Link


27 July 2020 (Monday)

A Model Centric Framework and Approach for Complex Systems Policy

Dr. Shamsnaz Virani

Webinar Link


7 Aug 2020 (Friday)

Machine Learning models for aiding System Architecture Design Decisions

Dr. Ramakrishnan Raman

Webinar Link


18 August 2020 (Tuesday)

Functional Safety - Automotive/Avionic Systems - Session II

Mr. Reveendra Menon

Webinar link


31 August 2020 (Monday)

Knowledge-Centric Integrated Systems Modelling

Dr. Swaminathan Natarajan

Webinar Link


15 September 2020 (Tuesday)

INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional Certification - Overview

René King

Webiner Link

 147 October 2020 (Wednesday)

The Surprising Benefits of Creating a Failure Resume Tim BoydWebinar Link
 1527 October 2020 (Tuesday)
Using System Dynamics to Understand and Model Complex Problems busra.atamer.metuWebinar Link
 17 1 December 2020 (Tuesday)
Surrogate Models Based Approach for Functional Architecture of Combat Aircraft Systems
 Ramesh GabburWebinar Link
 1823 December 2020 (Monday)

Demystifying Model Based Testing Dr Yogananda JeppuWebinar Link
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