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Establish Thought Leadership in Architecture and improve the adoption of Architectures in Systems Engineering

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Working Group Purpose & Mission


The purpose of the Architecture Working Group (ArchWG) is to expand the practice of architecture and advance the body of knowledge. The architecture activities define a solution based on principles, concepts, and properties logically related to and consistent with each other. The solution has features, properties, and characteristics which satisfy, as far as possible, the problem or opportunity expressed by a set of requirements (traceable to mission, business and stakeholder requirements) and life cycle concepts (e.g., operational, support). A standing working group facilitates evolution of the practice while focusing on Enterprise, System, hardware and Software Architectures. It supports collaboration across INCOSE working groups, other engineering disciplines and organizations, and international bodies with a common interest in architecture.

Process Enablers

TechOps Domain






Anand Kumar

Jean-Luc Garnier

Rolf Siegers


The ArchWG addresses the domains of Enterprise, System, Hardware and Software.


The members of the ArchWG are practitioners, researchers and other stakeholders concerned by Enterprise, System, hardware and Software Architectures. The ArchWG seeks to accomplish standing goals, plus goals established each year at the INCOSE International Workshop. Standing goals are defined as follows:

  1. Advance and evolve the architecture body of knowledge
  2. Promote the use and practice of architecture principles
  3. Share best practices for the use of architecture in enterprise and projects
  4. Develop and/or mature the practice of architecture within ArchWG members’ home organizations
  5. Expand support of architecture-related standards and specifications
  6. Identify the trends of architecture practices, architecting styles and architecture kinds and patterns
  7. Identify and frame the tools, processes and methods related to Architecture and Architecting.

These goals are conducted in association with other bodies where appropriate. For example, over several years, ISO JTC1/SC7/WG42, (the Architecture Working Group of the Joint ISO-IEC Technical Committee) has been a "customer" for ArchWG input. Collaborations with the ISO TC 184/SC5 (Interoperability, integration, and architectures for enterprise systems and automation applications), the IEEE and the OMG are also established.






The ArchWG aims to provide a variety of products and services, including:

  1. Support to INCOSE events at Worldwide, Chapter and Sector levels
  2. Conference and journal papers
  3. INCOSE-restricted and publicly available articles, papers, webinars, videos, etc.
  4. Guidance documents, tutorials and primers
  5. Review and input to external publications (e.g., architecture standards)
  6. Case Studies and examples
  7. Technical reports and specifications


IW 2023 - International Workshop Focus:

  1. To identify future products and activities that are in alignment with the Future of Systems Engineering initiative
  2. To improve adoption of architectures in systems engineering
  3. To liaise with external architecture communities and other INCOSE working groups and identify products and activities to which the ArchWG can contribute
  4. To explore the architecture landscape to understand what is going on outside the ArchWG that the ArchWG needs to know about and participate in
  5. To update the ArchWG about the status of the ongoing architecture-related products, activities and competencies
  6. To help each other and the community do better Architecting
  7. To brief on the new INCOSE ArchWG collaborative platform

Planned Activities

1) Webinars

Lead: Rolf Siegers

2) Architecture Skills, Competencies and Assessments

Lead: Richard Martin, Rolf Siegers

3) JTC1 AG8 Meta Reference Architecture Review

Lead: Richard Martin

4) ISO 24748-x Guide Review

Lead: Anand Kumar

5) IS 2023 Workshops

Lead: Anand Kumar, Jean-Luc Garnier, Rolf Siegers

Planned Work Products

1) Guide to ISO/IEC/IEEE 42020

Lead: Anand Kumar

2) Architecture Conceptualization Primer

Lead: Anand Kumar

3) Architecture Governance Primer

Lead: Rolf Siegers

4) Architecture Enablement Primer

Lead: Anand Kumar

5) EA Primer

Lead: Anand Kumar

6) Architecting and Architecture Primer

Lead: Anand Kumar


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