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Working Group Purpose & Mission


To promote the application and advance the practice of Systems Engineering in the automotive industry, encompassing OEMs, suppliers and service providers in the private, commercial and industrial vehicle sectors.

Emphasis is put on the current needs and future challenges of the industry, covering issues related to product development (complexity, safety and security, diversity, reuse) as well as to business and organizational aspects (new business models, new services and smart or multimodal transportation systems).

Application Domains

TechOps Domain






Gary Rushton (General Motors)

Alain Dauron (Renault)


From a global perspective, the Automotive Working Group addresses the challenges faced by the actors of the industry when trying to implement SE or improve their application of SE. Preliminary work conducted by the Automotive Interest Group identified a series of topics covering a large spectrum of automotive concerns. These topics were grouped into generic SE themes: organizational, SE processes, MBSE, architecture frameworks, safety and security, links with specialty domains and systems of systems.

The products of the working group (deliverables, events, etc.) target the needs of the whole automotive industry supply chain, comprising the private, commercial and industrial vehicles sectors. They are intended to be valuable, useful products for both beginners and established SE practitioners.



  • To broaden and improve the application of Systems Engineering to the vehicle development process by tailoring standard SE processes and known best practices to the needs and specificities of the industry.
  • To build a common, shared Systems Engineering expertise and body of knowledge for their application by actors across the automotive industry.


  • To provide value-added services to our members through the production of quality deliverables, the organization of quality events and efficient administration of the group.
  • To grow the number of members of the group up to a level of self-sustainment an increase the diversity of the leadership team by: Performing outreach actions
  • Helping members learn from each other and from the experience of INCOSE experts
  • Making sure that the needs of the members are covered by activity plans and are taken into account by INCOSE.
  • To support INCOSE's strategy to establish collaborations and partnerships with professional associations by initiating connections between the group and the different associations of the automotive industry.


Deliverables and associated action plans of the group predominantly stem from the list of topics defined and maintained by the group. Some of these topics could be the object of roundtables, panels, webinars or specific working meetings to be programmed during the international workshop or symposium. Some examples of outputs include:

  • Report on the state of SE practice in the industry
  • Entity-relation diagram of the AWG with respect to other INCOSE entities
  • World map of automotive initiatives (projects, associations) with AWG member participation, to show the complementary value brought by the group and identify reach out contacts
  • Member survey on MBSE tools
  • INCOSE and SE value propositions (short guides)
  • Case studies from other industries
  • Newsletters, Webinars,
  • Consolidated mailing list, AWG site, LinkedIn page.

IW24: International Workshop Focus

(coming soon...)

Planned Activities 

  • Work on an updated short version of the Automotive SE Vision (tbc "2025 update or 2035 preliminary" context)
  • Updates of the Automotive Application Section for SE Handbook v5
  • Models in the Supply Chain (Tier1/Tier2): Capstone Project with students at George Mason University
  • INCOSE/SAE/IEEE/FISITA Collaboration
  • Reference Architectures follow-up, to be proposed also as a Cross Working Group collaboration (AWG, Transportation, Infrastructure, SoS, Smart Cities)
  • SE process modeling including Safety and Cyber Security (starting sub-group)

(update ongoing)

Planned Work Products

  • SE Handbook Section 6.1.2 updates
  • (tbc) updated "Automotive SE Vision document executive summary"

(update ongoing)


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