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Working Group Purpose & Mission


To improve Healthcare delivery, medical devices and services development, and Healthcare SE education by bringing together systems engineers and systems thinkers to identify, develop, and tailor best practices for the Healthcare industry. We will achieve that by

  • Articulating the value and application of systems engineering to Healthcare through simple examples and easily deployable guidelines, and
  • Providing a forum for developing and sharing best practices, meeting world class experts in Systems Engineering and Healthcare (and across other industries).

The creation of our group was driven by the fact that many if not most of the organizations in the biomedical and Healthcare industries do not necessary recognize or understand the value of systems engineering and could thus benefit from the application of INCOSE principles

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The scope of our working group covers

  • Manufacturers of devices and providers of services (Clinical and Research use only devices, in-vitro and in-vivo products, pharmaceuticals, and biologics),
  • All points-of-care through the entire Healthcare delivery life-cycle,
  • Academic Medical Centers (AMCs), • Regulatory agencies, • Healthcare insurance providers, and
  • Healthcare advocacy groups.

While these organizations may be served by other INCOSE working groups, it is believed that our working group will uniquely address the breadth of their needs.


Our strategic objectives are to:
  • Increase the systems engineering and systems thinking capabilities of the Healthcare delivery, medical devices manufacturers, and HCIT suppliers and users to enable improved Healthcare outcomes and value
  • Increase individual & corporate INCOSE membership from the Healthcare industry
  • Engage leaders in the Healthcare industry seek to raise the use of systems engineering practices by engaging INCOSE support and services
  • Publish impactful information on systems engineering in the Healthcare industry and serve as the clearinghouse of Healthcare needs and systems engineering best practices
  • Accelerate the transformation of Healthcare systems engineering to a model based discipline"


Article on new Lean Healthcare Systems Engineering Process

Bohdan W. Oppenheim PhD, Michael H. Kanter MD, and Aleksander Buczacki PhD have published a White Paper “Comparison of Lean Healthcare Systems Engineering Process (LHSE) for Healthcare Improvement Projects with Earlier Improvement Initiatives.”  This paper compares the recently introduced LHSE process to previous major quality initiatives: PDSA, TQM, Six Sigma, Lean, Theory of Constraints, and several others and demonstrates the superiority of LHSE for projects in a broad range of clinical environments.”

The paper can be downloaded here.

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