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Bridging the worlds of Systems Engineering and Engineering Simulation

Working Group Purpose & Mission


The Systems Modeling & Simulation Working Group (SMS WG) is a collaboration between NAFEMS (The International Association for the Engineering Modelling, Analysis and Simulation Community) and INCOSE (the International Council on Systems Engineering).

The collaboration is governed through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two organizations, initially established in 2012 and most recently refreshed in 2023.

The collaboration promotes the publication of jointly developed products and provides opportunities for members to participate in each organization's activities.

Mutual support is given for specific key events of each organization e.g. NAFEMS sponsorship at the INCOSE International Symposium or INCOSE sponsorship at the NAFEMS World Congress. 

There is mutual recognition of the certifications offered by each organization. Members of either NAFEMS or INCOSE can benefit from a reduction in certification costs to one organization if certification is held already at the other. 


The mission of the SMS WG is to develop a vendor-neutral, end-user driven consortium that not only promotes the advancement of the technology and practices associated with integration of engineering simulation and systems engineering, but also acts as an advisory body to drive strategic direction for technology development and international standards in the space of complex engineering.

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Peter Coleman

Co - Chair

Frank Popielas



Combining the modeling and simulation perspectives of both Systems Engineering and Engineering Simulation can improve communications and coordination across the product development life cycle.

Systems Engineering has recognized the importance of models in a wide range of roles. Early in the development of a system, models may be used to understand the user domain, to define functions and concepts, and to capture system requirements across the levels of a system architecture. Such models may specify functional, interface, performance, and physical requirements, as well as other non-functional requirements such as reliability, maintainability, safety, and security.

Engineering Simulation has been an essential part of product development engineering across many industries and disciplines for decades. This work is typically performed by technical specialists with deep knowledge in their respective domains, and with expertise in specialized mathematical and analytical tools.

The SMS WG defines Systems Modeling and Simulation (SMS) as the use of interdisciplinary functional, architectural, and behavioral models (with physical, mathematical, and logical representations) in performing Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to specify, conceptualize, design, analyze, verify and validate an organized set of components, subsystems, systems, and processes.

The SMS WG communicates to the wider engineering community via the SMS Community. This consists of individuals who are either NAFEMS or INCOSE members, with an interest in the topic of Systems Modeling and Simulation but who are not necessarily experts in this area.


SMS WG supports activities that bridge Engineering Simulation and Systems Engineering to optimize the integration of solutions for both OEM and supplier. This includes education, communication, promotion of international standards, and development of requirements that will have general benefits to the Engineering Simulation and Systems Engineering communities.

SMS WG organizes meetings with the SMS Community to keep them informed of developments in the field of SMS and to keep members of the SMS Community abreast of SMSWG activities.

SMS WG ensures Products are strengthened by carrying both the NAFEMS and INCOSE branding.

SMS WG provides support for flagship NAFEMS & INCOSE events including the NAFEMS World Congress and the INCOSE Symposium. Such support will include invitations to each organization’s meetings on subjects of mutual interest.

SMS WG provides content hosted on NAFEMS and/or INCOSE websites. Such content includes presentations shared at meetings and an up-to-date overview of the SMSWG activities.

SMS WG provides assistance, support and promotion for international standards relevant to SMS.

SMS WG provides joint development and publication of a glossary of terms in use across the field of SMS.

SMS WG provides Guidance in the form of publications and presentations about relevant processes and methods.

SMS WG supports Developing a competency framework for practitioners of SMS.


    Materials and recordings from more than 60 SMS Community Meetings since 2013, hosted on NAFEMS website SMS Community Members Area (here). Note, login to individual member account is required to view this information.

    SMS WG overview presentation, updated regularly, with V7 available via NAFEMS SMS WG webpages (here).

    Comprehensive set of SMS related Terms & Definitions, updated regularly and hosted on NAFEMS website (here).

    "Modeling, Analysis and Simulation" chapter 3.2.1 of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook 5th Edition (2023).

    "What is Systems Modeling and Simulation" publication (2019), available via NAFEMS resource center (here) or INCOSE store (here).

    "What is the Functional Mock-up Interface" publication (2018), available via NAFEMS resource center (here).

    SMSWG Charter / Terms of Reference and NAFEMS-INCOSE collaboration MoU, updated regularly and available via NAFEMS SMS WG webpages (here). Note, login to individual member account is required to view this information.

    Minutes and recordings from SMS WG management meetings (former Steering Committee) since 2013, hosted by NAFEMS on a dedicated shared drive.

IW24: International Workshop Focus

  • SMS WG working session (Sunday) for members and other interested parties to work on developing the WG products and roadmap for 2024.
  • SMS Community meeting #67 (Monday) open to all, to remind the WG organization and provide a topical presentation, this year focus on "News from the Modelica Association System Simulation Standards".
  • Participation to MBSE initiative and collaboration with other WG, this year focus on alignment with TIMLM WG.

Ongoing Activities

  • Continuous update of SMS WG content hosted on INCOSE and/or NAFEMS websites.
  • SMS WG management meetings (~10 per year).
  • SMS community meetings (~5 planned for 2024).
  • SMS Roadmap focus team (active), with regular meetings and focus on supporting key events.
  • Understanding of SMS focus team (launched 2024), to refine understanding in the context of MBSE and engineering simulation.
  • SMS Terms & Definitions focus team (active), with regular meetings and focus on maintaining the reference website.
  • SMS Standards focus team activities (restarting).
  • SMS Metadata & model characterization focus team (on hold).
  • Liaison with affiliated AFIS-NAFEMS SMSWG in France (on hold).
  • INCOSE, NAFEMS & ASME collaboration with Prostep SmartSE "Simulation Quality/Credibility" standardization initiative (on hold).

Planned Work Products

  • Additions to SMS Terms & Definitions website.
  • Develop "MBSE guide for managers" publication.
  • Develop "What is MBx" publication.
  • Review / update existing "What is SMS" and "What is FMI" publications.
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