ICT enables systems stakeholders and providers to better support their users

Working Group Purpose & Mission

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT, originally the Telecommunications Working Group) underpins communities, businesses and governments. ICT stakeholders need ease of use, performance, security and reliability. ICT-based systems are complex, yet pressures exist for more responsive capability and capacity enhancements within challenging cost constraints. The INCOSE ICT Working Group (WG) proposes that systems engineering is under-represented in this application area and has a major part to play in the design, development, maintenance and operation of ICT-based systems.   

The WG aims to enable telecommunications systems stakeholders and providers to better support their users:

  • Critical and emergency services personnel;
  • Federal and municipal governments, utilities and transportation agencies;
  • Enterprise and consumer users of commercial telecommunications services and the broader public.
  • implementing and operating Cloud services including IoT
  • Aid in understanding and utilizing newer wireless technologies including 5G, SATCOM and short haul radio. 

The WG intends to be:

  • A forum for communications technologies practitioners to discuss problems and challenges;
  • A forum for systems engineers who are interested in communications applications;
  • INCOSE's lead forum to advance the application of systems engineering for information communications technologies  

The purpose of the WG is to improve delivery of communications  solutions by enhancing the systems engineering body of knowledge for communications applications.

The WG will lead this effort within INCOSE, in liaison with external communications experts, standardization bodies, organizations and communities.

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Application Domains

TechOps Domain






John Risson -  [email protected] 


Susan Ronning  -   [email protected]

Thomas Manley -  [email protected]  



The ITC WG addresses processes, methods and tools; organizational aspects; business and information requirements; as well as human aspects (competencies and user experience) related to the engineering of communications systems. This includes at least needs gathering, requirements specification, design, maintenance, growth, evolution and operation. The ITC WG utilizes improvements from other working group with:
  • INCOSE Working Groups and initiatives that provide enabling methods ("Agile Systems and Systems Engineering", "Architecture", "Competency", "Lean Systems Engineering", "Model-Based Conceptual Design", "Model-Based Systems Engineering", "Project Management
  • Systems Engineering Integration", "Requirements", "Resilient Systems", "Systems and Software Interface", "Systems of Systems Engineering", and "Systems Security Engineering");
The ITC WG enables other INCOSE working groups, i.e.:
  • "Automotive", "Critical Infrastructure Protection and Recovery", "Transportation" and "Space Systems", etc.; and - external telecommunications experts and organizations where appropriate.
The WG supports other professional organizations, private and public government agencies, and academia to widen viewpoints and representation within the WG.


To improve delivery of communications services and solutions by demonstrating practical application of systems engineering best practices.

To enhance the systems engineering body of knowledge for communications applications.

To develop a community of communications specialists within the INCOSE community through various efforts including, but not limited to:

  • To promote, encourage, supervise and perform research where it improves the practice of systems engineering when utilizing/applying communications technologies and services; 
  • Developing papers to be presented during International Symposia and Workshops;
  • Establishing project specific working relations with communications experts, standardization bodies, organizations and communities;
  • Enhancing the INCOSE Systems Engineering Book of Knowledge (SEBoK) and the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook to show how systems engineering improves delivery of communications services and solutions;
  • Initializing project specific working relationships with other INCOSE working groups. 


Based on the goals above, the Working Group aims to:
  • Create and maintain a knowledge base, collecting lessons learned from the member's experience in their industries, domains,  and applications. The analysis of the lessons learned will facilitate the identification of common, recurring issues and the formulation of best practices from a system-view standpoint all resulting in an update to SEBoK and/or the INCOSE SE Handbook.
  • Take the INCOSE SE Handbook latest version as a baseline and look to further integrate the aspects of Communications Technology  into the next version, while liaising with other relevant WG's (e.g., requirements, ontologies, MBSE, MBCD), to establish a end-to-end life cycle.
  • Regularly publish ICT systems engineering practice papers at the INCOSE Symposium, INCOSE INSIGHT, and/or INCOSE SE Journal.
  • Produce formal INCOSE products in the form of Guide(s) or similar documents for the benefit of INCOSE members and the larger community after having each plan approved according to INCOSE TEC-107. 
  • Produce a special article about ICT for an issue of Insight (SE magazine). 
  • Produce or augment a generic model of Communications Technologies, describing the architecture and its interfaces to other critical infrastructures
  • Share ICT and INCOSE information at trade shows and findings with Communications  trade journals.  In particular, the ICT WG would work with the IWCE, IEEE, SESA (Australia) and 3GGP.  

IW2023: International Workshop Focus


The ICT Working Group intended to accomplish several  activities during IW 2023.

  • Host an introductory session presenting how Communications Technology can and will work with other WGs. 
  • Solicited new members through inter-acting with the various WG sessions
  • Announce the formal MOU signing with the IWCE and the ICT WG appearance/booth at the March IWCE 2023 conference
  • Announce the planned delivery of a Telecommunications Primer in mid-late 2023
  • Through attendance at the FUSE sessions,  begin working on how ICT can influence/support the FUSE effort.


Planned Activities

  • We have setup our Yammer space and will hopefully start to use it to attract new members and open up dialogues on communications technologies. 
  • We post up a copy of our presentations and link them to our INCOSE landing page. 

Planned Work Products

  • Develop a ICT Primer to explains Communications Networks, the applications world of Communications,  and how they interface and affect people and things
  • Expand the original examples ICT developed for the Communications Network Criticality Framework (CNCF) that developed in 2022. 
  • Work with modelers to turn the "single Communications Block" that is prevalent within model diagrams into an expanded "set of Communications  Blocks" that can better represent the application and use of ICT.  


Yammer is INCOSE's social media platform for members. Use your INCOSE-issued Microsoft credential to login and join the conversation. INCOSE credentials are in the form of [email protected] or [email protected].   

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