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Working Group Purpose & Mission


The Infrastructure Working Group Charter is to bring together designers, builders, operators and owners of economic and physical infrastructure systems to advance the application of systems engineering.

This Working Group aligns with the strategic aim of INCOSE to advance the application of systems engineering outside its core aerospace and defense domain.


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Marcel van de Ven


Alain Kouassi

Laura Uden



This Working Group will address mostly physical infrastructure issues with a concentration on the construction of infrastructure facilities in the energy, transportation and, and communications domains. This includes public and commercial facilities and networks necessary for the economic and physical well being of society (e.g., power generation and distribution, waterways and ports, industrial plants, telecommunication networks, transportation facilities and systems, and mining).

The Working Group will leverage international systems engineering best practices and produce documents to assist developers and builders of infrastructure systems.

This Working Group will collaborate with other domain specific Working Groups such as the Transportation Working Group, the Power and Energy Systems Working Group, the Automotive Working Group, Critical infrastructure Working Group, Smart Cities Initiative, and the Resilience Systems Working Group.


  • Lead the international outreach to public and private organizations involved in infrastructure delivery and operations.
  • Develop products to capture systems engineering best practices tailored to the infrastructure domain.
  • Share best practices within the Working Group and other other Working Groups.
Specific initiatives include:
  • Webinars - in collaboration with other Working Groups such as Automotive and Transportation Working Groups - Short Term
  • Products - Continue the development of tri-fold series - Short term
  • Products - A Guide to the Application of Systems Engineering in Large Infrastructure Projects (Version 2.0 under development) - Mid Term
  • Collaboration with International Organizations to promote the INCOSE brand and joint products development - Mid Term
  • Products - An MBSE application to an infrastructure project - Long Term
  • Bring Construction Companies and Agencies into INCOSE - Long Term


  • Collaboration with other Infrastructure related WG: Critical Intrastructure, Automotive, Transportation, Energy, Smart Cities
  • Joint webinars with Transportation WG (bi-monthly)
  • Product - Guide to the Application of Systems Engineering in Large Infrasstructure Projects, Version 2.0
  • Product - Trifold/ Leaflets of Systems Engineering application in the Infrastructure domain
  • Product - A Metamodel for Infrastructure
  • Product - Modeling a Drawbridge: An MBSE Application to an Infrastructure Project

International Workshop Focus

INCOSE has identified that engagement of members needs attention.

Infrastructure and related WG had a multi WG meeting to discuss the possibilities of coördination of activities and closer collaboration:

  • Transportation and Infrastructure planned to have joint bi-monthly webinars.
  • Risk Management WG supports our Apllication Guide product
  • Develop and review text for technical section  in the Application Guide


Planned Activities

  • Monthly Meetings: Every 3rd Thursday of the month. Time 8 pm (UTC)
  • IS-2024 preparation for working sessions and review sessions for Application Guide

Planned Work Products

  • Application Guide for large infrastructural works (TPP-2021-126) -  2025

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