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Working Group Purpose & Mission


The IV&V Working Group provides products, and expertise to improve the practices related to system integration, verification, and validation. These disciplines have been missing in the structure of Technical Operations resulting in a lack of a center of expertise to provide and support INCOSE products and activities.

Process Enablers

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Jim Armstrong


Russ Kubycheck

James Craig


The IVV WG will address integration, verification, and validation as they apply to the entire product or service over its life cycle. .


The IVV WG primary goal is to provide a source of information for Members and other efforts within INCOSE regarding all aspects of Integration, Verification, and Validation and develop products that improve the understanding and practice of integration, verification, and validation:

  • Customer(s)/Stakeholder(s);
  • INCOSE Members
  • INCOSE projects such as the SE Handbook updates
  • Other WGs
  • Internal to Tech Ops
  • Requirements, Standards
  • Within Chapters (e.g., AFIS and Israel)


  • Verification and Validation Guidebook

This guidebook development is led by the Requirements WG and will provide guidance on conduct of these activities in support of the INCOSE SE Handbook. The IVV WG will participate and provide content and comments.

The IVV WG will provide additional information on specific concerns of verification and validation not addressed in the current guidebook such as what the systems engineer needs to know about specialty tests, test facility/range considerations, sequence of verifications, planning, scheduling, etc.

  • Systems Integration Guidebook

This guidebook development will provide guidance on conduct of systems integration in support of the INCOSE SE Handbook. This project will be conducted jointly with the Requirement WG.

  • INCOSE SE Handbook Update

    Comments and inputs are provided to future SE Handbook update efforts.
  • Standards review

    The WG provides systems integration expertise in support of the INCOSE standards efforts.
  • CAB Needs

    Provide a response to needs concerning integration, verification, and/or validation.
  • Other review efforts

    The WG will provide systems integration expertise in support of other INCOSE work such as VSE and MBSE.

IW24: International Workshop Focus

The IVV session at the INCOSE IW 2024 addressed two objective areas:

  1.  Identify content to include in the Systems Integration Guidebook
  2. Identify additional information that SEs need to know about for Verifications and/or Validation that is not currently addressed in the V&V Guide

Notes on  content and results from the IW session and on these products are in the Viva Engage (yammer) files section under Working Group Structure/06 WG Projects.

We will now plan next actions to develop these products.

Planned Activities

  • Start Guide to Systems Integration
  • Continue participation on Requirements Life-Cycle Manual and Guide to Verification and Validation
  • Continue participation on ISO 15288 and SE Handbook updates

Planned Work Products

  • Guide to Systems Integration


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