MBSE Patterns Working Group

Human life is experienced as recurring system patterns--informal events of everyday living, organized observation and discovery in physical sciences, and technically engineering systemic improvement of the human condition.

Working Group Purpose & Mission


The mission of the INCOSE MBSE Patterns Working Group is to advance the availability and awareness of systems engineering practices and resources for impactful creation, application, and ongoing improvement of recurring model-based patterns over system life cycles.

We were established as, and remain a part of, the Joint INCOSE-OMG MBSE Initiative.

Most of our work is carried out in partnership with other INCOSE Working Groups and other technical or professional societies.



Transformation Enablers

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Bill Schindel


Troy Peterson


  • System Patterns = observable recurrences of system content
  • Including both invariant and variable aspects
  • MBSE Patterns = configurable, re-usable models of System Patterns
  • S*Metamodel = Smallest pattern necessary for the purposes of science and engineering across life cycles
  • For example, stakeholder needs, system requirements, system design, failure modes, production, sustainment
  • S*Model = any model in any language that is reference mapped to S*Metamodel
  • S*Pattern = configurable, reusable S*Model of a System Pattern
  • Not limited to, but including, OMG SysML models
  • System Patterns become points of accumulation of organizational learning and expertise


  • Lower model-origination, refinement time, effort, skill load, risk, using configured System Patterns.
  • Extend impact of skilled modelers across projects and systems, reduce repeated mistakes, learning
  • Improve the ROI demonstrated by MBSE methods and tools.
  • Strengthened theoretical foundations for Systems Engineering


  1. INCOSE SE Handbook, 5th Edition Project
  2. INCOSE Vision 2035, SE Theoretical Foundations Project
  3. Adaptive Learning Ecosystem Pattern--the ASELCM Reference Framework
  4. Universal Model Metadata Wrapper: Model Characterization Pattern (MCP)
  5. Semantic Technologies for Systems Engineering (ST4SE) Project
  6. AIAA Digital Twin Case Studies and Reference Pattern Publication Project
  7. AIAA Digital Thread Reference Pattern Publication Project

For descriptions and references, see:

MBSE Patterns Working Group at IS2022


IW23: International Workshop Focus

The working group will meet as part of IW23 on Sunday, Jan 29, 2023. This will be a hybrid (on site and remote access) meeting. The focus and agenda of this meeting will be: 

  • Introduction to the MBSE Patterns Working Group's goals and focus.
  • Overview of MBSE Patterns subject matter and relevance.
  • Status of current working group projects and activities.
  • Discussion of additional and future interests of participants.


Planned Activities

  • Outreach for Semantic Technologies for Systems Engineering (ST4SE) Project Report
  • Outreach for Pattern Configuration Wizard User Guide
  • Generation of S*Metamodel Primer
  • Generation of S*Patterns Primer (2nd edition)
  • Generation of ASELCM Ecosystem Pattern Primer
  • Support V2035 Theoretical Foundations thread 
  • For details and reference materials, see main working group web pages at  Click here for working group joint main web site

Planned Work Products

  • S*Metamodel Primer
  • S*Patterns Primer
  • ASELCM Innovation Ecosystem S*Pattern Guide
  • ASME VV50 Model Life Cycle Guide
  • Updated Model Characterization Pattern (MCP) Guide

             Much more:  Link to the Joint INCOSE-OMG MBSE Pattern WG Community!

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